Casey’s Is Offering Big Grants to Help Schools Like Yours


As schools face unprecedented challenges in today’s rapidly changing times, many are seeking much-needed financial support. In response, Casey’s is stepping up to make a difference by offering significant grants to help schools like yours. This article will detail the exciting opportunity provided by Casey’s and discuss how your school can benefit.

Casey’s Grant Program:

Casey’s, a well-known convenience store chain, believes in the power of education and is committed to giving back to local communities. Through their grant program, they are providing financial assistance to schools in need so that resources can be effectively channeled into vital areas such as technology upgrades, infrastructure improvements, and additional educational programs.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for a grant from Casey’s, schools must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Be a public or private K-12 institution.

2. Be located within the geographical radius of a Casey’s store.

3. Demonstrate recognizable need for funding and outline how the grant will positively impact students.

Due to the granting process’s competitive nature, priority will be given to schools that provide creative and innovative ways they would use the funds to achieve lasting change.

Application Process:

If your school meets the eligibility criteria outlined above, you can apply for a grant through these steps:

1. Visit Casey’s official website ( and download the grant application form.

2. Carefully fill out the form providing accurate information about your school and details regarding your proposed project.

3. Include testimonials and support letters from community members, local businesses, teachers, or parents who endorse your project.

4. Submit your completed application along with required supporting documents to Casey’s Grant Committee before the announced grant submission deadline.

Grant Evaluation:

Upon receiving applications, Casey’s Grant Committee will thoroughly review each submission based on merit and alignment with their core values. The committee will consider factors such as feasibility, long-term impact, community involvement, and creative use of funds in making their decision.

Successful Recipients:

Casey’s will notify successful grant recipients via email or phone and also highlight them on their website. In addition, grant winners may be featured in local news stories or Casey’s promotional materials to celebrate their achievements and inspire other schools to apply for future grant opportunities.


Casey’s grants provide a fantastic opportunity for schools like yours to get much-needed financial assistance. If you believe your school would greatly benefit from this funding, don’t hesitate to apply and showcase your innovative ideas for improving your students’ educational experience.

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