Soccer is an exciting, fast-paced sport enjoyed by millions of fans around the world, and it is not just for the grown-ups. There are plenty of books out there tailor-made for kids that celebrate the beautiful game. Introduce your little ones to the joys of reading and ignite their passion for soccer with these 12 fast-paced soccer books for kids.

1. ‘The Wild Soccer Bunch’ by Joachim Masannek

Join Leon and his friends as they form an unstoppable soccer team, taking on various challenges and opponents in this thrilling sports adventure series.

2. ‘Keeper’ by Mal Peet

This award-winning novel follows goalkeeper El Gato as he recounts his journey from a young boy in a South American rainforest to a world-famous soccer star.

3. ‘Soccer Squad: Starting Eleven’ by Bali Rai

A diverse group of players joins forces to make their school’s soccer team the best it can be in this inspiring and relatable series, perfect for kids 8-12 years old.

4. ‘The Soccer Fence: A Story of Friendship, Hope, and Apartheid in South Africa’ by Phil Bildner

Set against the backdrop of apartheid-era South Africa, this touching story follows a young boy’s dream of uniting people through their shared love for soccer.

5. ‘Goal! A Cultural History of Women’s Soccer in America’ by Caitlin Murray

Introduce young readers to the inspiring women who paved the way for female athletes in soccer with this engaging historical account.

6. ‘Froggy Plays Soccer’ by Jonathan London

In this light-hearted tale, Froggy overcomes his clumsiness and learns valuable lessons about teamwork as he participates in a soccer match.

7. ‘Maisy Plays Soccer’ by Lucy Cousins

Perfect for preschoolers, this colorful book invites little ones to join Maisy as she plays soccer with her friends and learns essential sport values.

8. ‘The Kicks’ series by Alex Morgan

Written by US Women’s National Team player Alex Morgan, this bestselling series follows a group of talented soccer players as they balance friendships, rivalries, and challenges on and off the field.

9. ‘The Manager’s Daughter’ by Wendy Staub

When her father becomes head coach of their town’s soccer team, reluctant middle schooler Maddie finds herself drawn into the thick of the action in this suspenseful novel.

10. ‘Offsides’ by W. C. Mack

Soccer star Kenzie suddenly finds herself out of her depth as she navigates friendships and new challenges when she is recruited for the all-star league.

11. ‘The Striker’ by Nick Hale

Join Jake Adams, a young soccer star dealing with fame, fortune, and family strife in this fast-paced series perfect for soccer enthusiasts aged 9-12.

12. ‘Shooting for the Stars: The Inspiring Stories of Female Soccer Players Who Broke Boundaries’ by Ann Killion

Discover the amazing stories behind some of the most legendary female soccer players in this awe-inspiring book that serves as a testament to their perseverance and determination.

Each of these books is a testament to not only the beauty of soccer but also to the resilience and determination often required when pursuing one’s passion. So whether your little one is an ardent fan or just getting started with the sport, these 12 fast-paced soccer books are bound to score a goal in their hearts!