Ceremony honors 500 Early College students | Local News | newburyportnews.com

The Newburyport community came together to celebrate a major milestone for 500 local students who have successfully completed the Early College program. A special ceremony was held at the Newburyport High School auditorium to recognize the achievements of these students, who have demonstrated exceptional academic dedication and perseverance.

The Early College program, a collaborative effort between Newburyport High School and Northern Essex Community College, provides students with the opportunity to take college-level courses while still in high school. This innovative program allows students to earn both high school and college credits, giving them a head start on their higher education journey.

The ceremony, attended by students, parents, teachers, and local officials, was a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Early College students. The students, who hail from Newburyport and surrounding communities, were presented with certificates of completion, marking their successful transition from high school to college-level coursework.

In her keynote address, Newburyport High School Principal, Dr. Laura Hutchinson, praised the students for their academic achievements, saying, “Today, we celebrate not only your academic success, but also your courage, resilience, and determination. You have demonstrated that you are capable of achieving great things, and we are proud to have played a part in your educational journey.”

The Early College program has been instrumental in providing students with a competitive edge in the college admissions process, as well as preparing them for the academic rigor of higher education. Many of the students who have completed the program have gone on to attend top-ranked colleges and universities, including the University of Massachusetts, Boston University, and Harvard University.

The ceremony was a fitting tribute to the students’ hard work and dedication, and served as a reminder of the importance of investing in the education and development of our young people. As the students move forward on their educational paths, they will carry with them the skills, knowledge, and confidence gained through the Early College program, and will undoubtedly make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

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