Charming Children’s Books on Honesty

There is no better way to teach children the importance of honesty than by reading books that feature honest characters. Here are 20 children’s books that are perfect for teaching honesty.

1. Being Frank by Donna W. Earnhardt

Frank is a very honest kid. A little too honest…telling hurtful truths. He likes to tell things how they are; however, that is not always a good idea. A wonderful book for discussions about honesty – what we should say…and what we shouldn’t.

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2. The Lying King by Alex Beard

A warthog wants to be king, so he lies his way to the top. He tells all types of lies that cause chaos in his kingdom, but can he keep lying? This tale is a reminder to children how lies can snowball and cause great harm.

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3. Eli’s Lie-o-Meter by Sandra Levins

A favorite book for learning about telling the truth. Eli, the main character, sometimes has trouble with being honest and he stretches the truth. That is, until his dog gets punished in the backyard…

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4. Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big by Berkley Breathed

Edwurd makes up all types of lies – little fibs, big fibs, and eventually, his fibs go too far! Will he be saved from his fibbing? A story not only of honesty but of sibling love.

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5. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School by Davide Cali

A nice picture book to teach children about honesty. A boy was late to school and told his teacher a variety of excuses. Each excuse gets increasingly ridiculous! Will his teacher believe him?

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