Check Out These 30 Third Grade Math Word Problems of the Day

Math word problems build confidence in children. It’s crucial to use math word problems of the day to encourage students to overcome their fears and build their skills. You can encourage students to build critical thinking skills and get the class off to the best start. So, what math word problems could you use?

Top Math Problems to Test Your Students

  1. Gary went shopping. He purchased 2 dozen donuts, 15 apples, and half a dozen oranges. How many items did Gary buy in total?
  2. Jessica has $50.00 to spend on meals for the entire week. At one store, she spends $32.90; at the second, she spends $4,58, and $10.75 at the last store. How much does Jessica have left?
  3. An apartment complex has 350 condos to rent. ¼ of them are leased within a week, another dozen are rented within the month. How many condos are left?
  4. Douglas leaves home at 6.35 every morning. He spends 1 hour on the road, then stops off for breakfast. It takes him 15 minutes to eat and then continues to work. Douglas gets to the office by 8.45. How long does he spend driving?
  5. An animal rescue center has 275 dogs, 59 birds, and 187 cats. Another 37 animals arrive in a day. How many pets does the center have now?
  6. Gabriel loves to read books. Her parents buy her 15 for Christmas and 27 for her birthday. She buys 3 more and lets her friends borrow 6 books. How many books does Gabriel own?
  7. 746 people attend a 3-hour garden concert. 56 leave within the first hour, and 21 leave in the second hour. How many attendees are left at the end of the concert?
  8. There are 456 at a soccer game and 235 leave at halftime. Before the end of the game, another 388 people join the crowds. What is the total number of spectators at the game?
  9. Terry has 48 pens. He buys 75 new pens but loses 12 of them. How many pens does he have left?
  10. Mrs. Jenkins’ drama group starts with 12 students, before 53 more join in December. By March 1st, Mrs. Jenkins has 350 students in total. How many students in total joined in January and February?
  11. Hayden has 800 coins. ¼ of the coins are Lincoln pennies. 30 of them are trade dollars from the 1800s, and the rest are European coins. How many European coins does Hayden have?
  12. Harry’s flight leaves at 10 p.m. He must be at the airport 2 ½ hours before departure time. He lives 3 hours away from the airport. At what time should Harry leave his home?
  13. Brody has 50 apple orchards. He sells 10 in the summer months and acquires 3 more in winter. 12 are destroyed in a windstorm. How many apple orchards does Brody have left?
  14. There are 12 pennies in a jar. 2 are stolen and 3 go missing. How many pennies are left?
  15. 50 juice boxes are sitting in a refrigerator. Half are bought by customers, and 4 more are taken. How many juice boxes are left?
  16. Maria buys 55 apples. 32 are green, how many are red?
  17. The eye doctor sees 70 patients in 3 days. 25 required glasses, and 7 wear contact lenses. How many don’t require glasses?
  18. A packet of cookies costs $5.25. Jessica buys 3 packets. How much does she spend?
  19. Kayla’s bakery sells cookies for $1.25 each. How much does 2 dozen cookies cost?
  20. Kat begins her homework at 4.25. It takes 55 minutes to finish her homework and another 10 to review it. At what time does Kat finish her homework?
  21. There are 15 crayons. 5 are green, 2 are blue, 4 are pink, 2 are purple, and 5 are black. What fraction are green?
  22. There are 100 chocolates in a box. ¼ have soft centers, 30 have nuts, and the rest are solid chocolate. How many chocolates have soft centers?
  23. Mrs. Brown has 25 students. ¼ are girls, the rest are boys. How many of the students are boys?
  24. 2 dozen flowers are delivered to Jessica’s home. 13 flowers are crushed. How many flowers are left?
  25. John buys 12 gifts for Christmas. ¼ of the gifts he gives to friends and the rest go to his family. How many gifts does he give to his family?
  26. Jimmy has 125 gummy bears. He shares them equally among his five friends, how many bears does each friend receive?
  27. Barbra buys 3 cell phones which cost $750 in total. How much does each cell phone cost?
  28. There are 1000 books on sale at a local bookstore. ¾ are sold within the day. How many are left?
  29. A large bar of chocolate costs Jenny $2.50. She eats it within the hour and buys another 3, 2 for her sister and 1 for her. How much does Jenny spend on chocolate?
  30. Yanick goes jogging at 12.30 p.m. and runs for ¾ of an hour. At what time does Yanick return home?
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