Check Out These 50 Fifth Grade Math Word Problems of the Day

Beginning your daily maths lessons with a few Fifth grade Math Word Problems is a great way to kickstart the path to knowledge. Engage them at the beginning of your math block to instill confidence, good logical reasoning skills, and a learning community. Students will adapt to reading for meaning while also taking cognizance of important information. Motivate your students to write out the equations and draw diagrams to elaborate their thinking since this guides them to see where they are stuck. 

Topics in these fifth-grade math word problems include patterns and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison, and measurement.

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50 Fifth Grade Math Word Problems

  1. Three trains stopped at the station at 3 p.m. The first train, Menton, had 2,589 passengers. The second train, Reston, had 671 passengers, and the third train, the Pearson City train, had 1,024 passengers. How many passengers were there in the three trains altogether?
  2. Grow Up Farmer’s Market delivered four crates of lemons. One crate had 1,100 lemons; the other two had 2,010. In comparison, the last crate had 2,999 lemons. How many lemons were there in all? 
  3. An order for 950 chocolate truffles was made to the Ruffle Truffle Company, while they got another order from a food services store for 7,309 truffles. Lastly, another order of 4,125 truffles came in from a restaurant. How many truffles have to be made to complete these orders? 
  4. In the Tri-City Peninsula, there are three cities. 695,212 live in Sunrise City. 405,245 live in Sunset City, and 415,937 live in Sunup City. How many occupants live in the Tri-City Peninsula in total? 
  5. Smiley’s Greeting Card Store made two orders. Ordered 25,294 birthday cards and 15 280 Mother’s Day cards to sell in the previous year. They sold 11,065 Mother’s Day cards, while 24,229 birthday cards were sold. How many birthday cards are left? 
  6. Flyaway Airlines has two daily flights to New Park City from San Sandoz. Each of the planes has 400 passenger seats. On Tuesday, their first flight had 325 passengers, while the second had 221 passengers. How many were empty for the two flights altogether? 
  7. At Western Deskateria, it saw a million population in 1999. 350,268 area natives. The rests were non-natives and immigrants from other countries. How many people moved in from other places? 
  8. The Happy Hippy Candle Company sells birthday candles in packs of 8. They produced 6,000 boxes this previous week and sold out 8,000 candles. How many boxes of candles were sold this past week?
  9. In the South City Library, some books were nonfiction. There were 7,333 new paperbacks and 25,025 new hardcopy books. 15,000 hard copies were fiction. How many hardcopy books were nonfiction?
  10. Giganto Mall is grouped into six levels. The top 5 levels each have 3,950 workers, while there are 15,000 workers at the mall overall. How many workers are on the bottom level? 
  11. With 96 frozen turkeys and 65 hams in the meat freezer at Frosty Food Mart. One turkey weighs 19 pounds. And one ham weighs 9 pounds. How much do the two turkeys weigh altogether? 
  12. Every new dictionary bought for the school has 355 pages. There are 35 available for each classroom. They weigh nearly 300 pounds. How many dictionary pages do we have in total? 
  13. One and every Penguin Fruit has 10,251 leaves. There were 96 fruit trees in Uncle Arch’s Orchard. Penguin Fruit Trees dominated the half. How many leaves are on the Penguin Fruit Trees altogether? 
  14. Benny’s Bait Shop sells worms. Each one comes in 12 packs and are 12 packs in a gross. They sold 12 gross worms last week. How many worms were sold last week? 
  15. There are 27 Kwik Car Rental Company locations in 12 states. If they shared all the cars equally among their locations, how a piece of cars would each location get? 
  16. It was a massive crowd at the football game. There were a total of 42, 500 fans in attendance. All the seats were filled. There are 85 rows of seats that go around the stadium. Likewise, there is the same number of seats in every row. How many fans were seated in each of the rows? 
  17. Mr. Alex has 200 colored pencils in his art bin. He purchased new boxes of colored pencils that had ten pieces in a box. How many boxes did he buy? 
  18. 3,500 people touched down at the stadium for the rock concert by bus. While another 3,500 arrived by train. The others came in cars. One bus could only convey 255 people, and every bus was filled. How many buses were there? 
  19. Payment of rent is being initiated at Super Duper Corporation’s big headquarters every month. The previous year, $60,756 was paid as rent, and almost the same amount goes on heat. How much then is the rent monthly?
  20. A lot of dress shirts were sold last month by Straight Arrow Dress Shirts. Each shirt has seven buttons down the front and one button on each sleeve. A total of 72,000 buttons were used on sold shirts last month. How many shirts were sold? 
  21. Lake Louie owns boats that tourists travel around the lake. On Friday, 9,112 tourists wanted to take a round trip. Three boats go at a time in a shift. The capacity of each boat is 500 people. A trip lasts 30 minutes. How many shifts are needed to run for every tourist to make the short trip?
  1. Elite player Sam is a professional baseball player who practices pitching daily. He used 12,000 minutes practicing his pitching in June. He also practices batting for 1 hour every week. How many hours did Sam practice his pitching in June?
  1. 65 feet long and 46 inches wide was the new sidewalk leading up to the Elemental Elementary School. 25 feet of it were painted white and the rest brown. How many inches long was the section painted brown. 
  2. 12,000 pounds of rare mineral Bobodium was dug up by the Dig-It Mining Company each week. They sell them in 8-ounce boxes. How many boxes do we need to pack up that week’s Bobodium? 
  3. The famous author, Rita Writealot, is visiting Collegial College and giving every participant of her two lectures two copies of her books. 600 participants attended her first lecture, while the second one had a good turnout. In the end, she gave out a total of 2,468 books. How many people attended her second lecture? 
  4. Mr. Amazing is working again on his magic acts. He possesses 12 366 gold coins that he uses in every single act. He also uses some in his scheduled appearance. He keeps 229 gold coins for each appearance. How many appearances does he have on the ground?
  5. Shane has 4/5 of a Choco-bar. April has 6/7 of a Choco-bar. Neil has 6/8 of a Choco-bar. Who has the largest piece of Choco-bar? 
  6. Jane has 6/4 of some watermelons. Alex has 3/9 of another watermelon. Stephanie has ½ of a different watermelon. Who’s watermelon is the smallest? 
  7. Felix is going to make a cheese dip for himself. He bought ½ pound of American Cheese. He also bought ¾ pound of Swiss cheese and ¼ pound of Cheddar cheese. How much cheese did Felix buy? 
  8. Angel had to choose the quantity of pepperoni pizza she desired. Before, she was 7/8, 8/10, or 8/16. Should she want the biggest pizza, which quantity would she choose? 
  9. An explorer Elmo Adventure founded an ancient site of gold bars. He discovered three. The first weighed 7/12 of a pound, the second weighed 5/12 of a pound, and the third weighed 3/6. How much did they weigh altogether? 
  10. Isabella had 3/4 of a loaf of fresh-baked bread that her mom made. She gave half to her cousin Stella. How much of the loaf did Isabella have left? 
  11. Ms. Marvelous, a 3rd-grade teacher, had 9/10 of an apple pie. She offered 3/10 to her principal, Mr. Henry, and 3/10 to her co-worker, Mrs. Sandy. How much pie will be left for Ms. Marvelous? 
  12. Maggie was setting pieces of ribbon she had end-to-end. The yellow piece was 3/12 of a foot. The blue piece was ½ of a foot, and the red was 8/12 of a foot long. How long was the total piece? 
  13. Bob was reading a 400-page book. He read 1/3 of it on Tuesday and another ¼ of the book on Wednesday. How many fractions of the book does he have left unread? 
  14. Drew had ½ of his birthday cake remaining. He gave his sister, Isabel, ¼ of the same piece. How much of the whole cake did Isabel get? 
  15. The high school football team had their first practice. In attendance were 64 players. ¾ of the players were seniors. The remaining were first-year students. How many players were freshmen?
  16. Treasure hunters dug up a shoebox, and $1,500 was found in it. Five people were on the treasure hunting team, so each member got to keep 1/5 of the money. How much money did each member get to keep? 
  17. Christian only has 1/8 part of his deck left to paint. The whole deck has a sum area of 100 square feet. He discovered he could get ½ of what’s left done over the weekend and the rest on Monday. What fraction of the total deck does he plan to paint on Monday? 
  18. Three friends were monitoring their running. Here are the results from their runs on Saturday. Laird ran 0.75 miles, Trevor ran 0.009 miles, and Travis ran 0.706 miles. Who ran the farthest? 
  19. Gary’s professional kickball cards are shared between 3 teams. ¼ of his cards are with the San Francisco Seals team. The rest represent the Nova Scotia Salmon. What decimal would perfectly portray how much of his team’s team, Salmon? 
  20. Dave, a miner, measured a small amount of gold dust. He had three packets. They measured 0.29 ounces, 1.07 ounces, and 0.92 ounces, respectively. He must get 3 ounces of good dust before she puts them for sale. How much gold dust does she need to start the sales? 
  21. Tom has four bank accounts. The first account has $25.09 in it. The second has $106.75 inside it, while the third and fourth have $108.08. What’s the sum of Tom’s money altogether?
  22. Each person in Heaton’s family got $1,070.09 from their family business. There are 12 people in Heaton’s family, including him. How much does the family get the initial amount? 
  23. The quantity of t-shirts Evans sells at the flea market runs in a manner that could be foretold. He sold 120 shirts in February, 60 in March, 240 in April, 120 in May, 480 in June, and 240 in August. How many shirts will he sell in September if this sales pattern continues? 
  24. A code number is used to unlock a vault. The numbers must be entered correctly on a keypad numbered 0-100. The first is an odd number less than 20, with two digits, both the same. The second number is even, which is ½ of the number that is ¼of 16. The third number is the product of the first two numbers and doubled. What is the vault’s entry code? 
  25. Ashley discovered this pattern in a math test. 2, 5, 11, 23, 47, 95. Kim also discovered the next two numbers. What are the numbers? 
  26. Jackson is five years older than Jason. Jason is two years older than Sharon, who is a year older than Fraser. Fraser is eight years old. What is Jackson’s age? 
  27. Ethan finally got to the ferry do k T exactly 4 p.m. He boarded a train from Chairtown to the dock. The train journeyed to the dock for half an hour. To reach the station, he had driven for 4 hours 30mins from Deskville Airport. Ethan flew to Deskville from Tabletown Airport that morning. The flight lasted for two and a half hours. When did Ethan fly out of Tabletown Airport? 
  28. Luz did three activities on Saturday. She mowed the lawn and finished it at 6 p.m. She washed the windows for 3 hours. She also washed and vacuumed three cars. Each of the cars took her 1 hour and 30 minutes to do. Luz started her day’s work at 9 a.m. How many minutes did she use to mow the lawn?
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