Check Out These 50 Kindergarten Math Word Problems of the Day

Math is a tough subject for children, regardless of their age, but it’s crucial to challenge their minds. You want to give them simple math word problems that encourage them to think and learn. So, what kindergarten math problems could you use for the upcoming term?

  1. Beckie has 3 pencils. Timmy has 5. What is the total number of pencils?
  2. A painting has 4 green circles. There are also 2 blue circles. How many circles does the painting have?
  3. Thomas has 3 marbles. Jack gives 2 marbles. How many marbles does Thomas have?
  4. There are 5 cats in the garden. 2 left, and another 6 arrived. How many cats are there left?
  5. Amanda has 10 model trains. 2 breaks at Easter. How many trains does Amanda have?
  6. Lacey has 10 books. Eve has 7 fewer than Lacey. How many books does Eve have?
  7. A table has 3 green chairs, 2 yellow chairs, and 1 red chair. What’s the total number of chairs?
  8. Peter has 10 pens in his backpack. He puts another 3 pens into the bag. How many pens are there in total?
  9. Gina has 5 jackets hanging up at home. 1 jacket is thrown away, and Gina buys 2 more. How many jackets does Gina have in total?
  10. Katie has 12 coins. Bill has 3 fewer coins. How many coins does Bill have?
  11. Jamie has 2 stamps fewer than Luke. Luke has 7 stamps. How many stamps does Jamie have?
  12. 5 birds are sitting on a roof. 4 fly away, and 3 more fly onto the roof. How many birds are there in total?
  13. Karen begins with 20 sweets. She eats 4 and shares the rest with 3 friends. How many sweets do Karen’s friends receive?
  14. There are 9 donuts on a table. 2 are eaten, and 1 is thrown away. How many donuts are left behind?
  15. Kristina has 11 stickers. She swaps 2 stickers and buys another 3. What’s the total number of stickers Kristina has?
  16. There are 3 balls on a playing field. 1 blows away with the wind, and another is picked up. How many balls are left on the field?
  17. 3 cars are painted green. 1 car drives away. 4 more arrive, but only 2 are green. How many green cars are there?
  18. A class of 30 each draw pictures. 2 pictures are put on display in the hallway, and another 4 are taken home. How many pictures are left in the classroom?
  19. 4 coffee cups are lined up. The lineup is green, purple, and green. What’s the next color in line?
  20. A class wants to sing 4 songs but sing 3 more than requested. How many songs in total are sung?
  21. 17 computers are assigned to a history class. 2 breaks within the first day, and another 3 stop working after 2 weeks. How many computers are left?
  22. 7 birdhouses are painted red, blue, green, red, and blue. What are the next colors in the sequence?
  23. Sara is asked to create 10 cards. She has 2 cards at home and has just finished 3 more at school. How many cards are left to make?
  24. Rose buys 3 bracelets. 1 bracelet breaks within the first week, and the second breaks within 2 weeks. How many bracelets are left?
  25. 100 trees are planted in a forest. 10 are damaged. How many trees are left?
  26. There are 6 erasers in Elaina’s pencil case. She gives 2 to her friends and loses another. How many erasers does Elaina have left?
  27. Mr. Matthews gives his class a number sequence: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. What numbers come next in the sequence?
  28. Ms. Carrol has 3 cups of coffee every morning before she leaves home. How many cups of coffee does she drink each week?
  29. Jack has 3 toy cars. He is given 2 as a birthday gift and another for Christmas. How many toy cars does Jack now have?
  30. Joe has 3 pairs of socks. His brother borrows 1 pair, and his mother gives him 2 more. How many socks does Joe have?
  31. Jim has 7 apples. He eats 3 and gives another to his sister. How many apples are there left?
  32. Sam has 9 letter blocks. He sets them up in alphabetical order. So, if the pattern beings, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P. What letter comes next?
  33. Lenny has 22 stamps. Joe has 18. Who has more stamps?
  34. There are 25 green cars parked in the street and 3 yellow. Which color of car is there most of?
  35. Jessica has 21 crayons. Her mother gives her another 5, but she loses 2 of them. How many crayons does Jessica have left?
  36. Sara sees 5 stars in the sky. Joe sees 2. Who sees the fewest stars, and by how many?
  37. Beth sees 8 sheep in a field. Her father sees 2 in a field. Who saw the most sheep?
  38. Bethany is 21. She has a brother called Josh, 19, and a sister Kat 25. Which sibling is older, and who is the baby of the family?
  39. Cassie has 21 movies at home. Her mother buys her another 7. Cassie gives 2 away. How many movies does Cassie have left at home?
  40. Mia’s lucky number is 20. Her mother’s lucky number is 2 before that. What is Mia’s mother’s lucky number?
  41. Frank’s dog weighs 20 pounds. Jake’s dog weighs 7. Which dog is the heaviest?
  42. 4 buses are lined up on the street. The #8 bus is before the #9 bus. What bus comes before both?
  43. Jesse plays ice hockey for 10 hours a week. Robert practices for 2 hours and plays for 7 hours. Who plays ice hocket the longest, and by how much?
  44. John draws 2 pictures every day. He draws 5 out of 7 days. How many pictures does he draw in a week?
  45. Mrs. Richards orders 20 new books for her history class. Only 12 arrive. How many books didn’t arrive?
  46. Mr. Jones buys 22 computers for school. 3 Don’t work but are replaced with 7 new ones. How many computers does the school have?
  47. 25 children are given awards by the school. 12 are unwell, and 1 doesn’t show. How many children attend the awards ceremony?
  48. There are 5 lunchboxes, each with 2 sandwiches and 1 carton of juice. One box also contains an apple. How many sandwiches are there in total?
  49. Jane buys her mother flowers once a month. How many flowers does she buy her mother in a year?
  50. Mike has 10 baseball caps. He loses 3 and gives his brother 2. How many baseball caps does he have left?

These are simple math word problems that will get most kindergarten students thinking.

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