Check Out These Awesome Eagle Cams for Kids


Eagles are truly fascinating birds, known for their incredible size, strength, and keen eyesight. With the help of technology, we can now enjoy an up-close and personal look at these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats. Eagle cams are live-streaming cameras placed near eagle nests that allow us to observe these amazing birds without disturbing them. If you’re a young wildlife enthusiast who loves learning about eagles, then you won’t want to miss out on these fantastic eagle cams designed specifically for kids.

1. Southwest Florida Eagle Camera (The United States)

The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam features a pair of nesting bald eagles named Harriet and M15. Located in North Fort Myers, this cam allows kids to watch as Harriet and M15 protect their eggs and nurture their young. Available year-round, this interactive cam offers multiple views of the entire nesting process. Check it out at

2. Harrison Mills Eagle Cam (British Columbia, Canada)

Located along the banks of the beautiful Harrison River in British Columbia, this eagle cam provides stunning views of a bald eagle pair and their nest situated in an old growth cottonwood tree. Kids can gain valuable insight into the lives of these awe-inspiring eagles while watching them nurture their young in a breathtaking environment. Visit to take a look!

3. Duke Farms Eagle Cam (New Jersey, United States)

Dedicated to conserving native species, the Duke Farms Eagle Cam showcases bald eagles nesting within its 2,700-acre property located in central New Jersey. This camera offers clear images of the eagle pair and their nest from a variety of angles, giving kids an amazing opportunity to witness these magnificent birds in action. Watch the eagle cam at

4. Decorah Eagles Cam (Iowa, United States)

One of the most popular eagle cams, the Decorah Eagles Cam is located within a private property in Decorah, Iowa. This live-streaming camera follows the lives of an eagles’ family as they protect and raise their young. A fascinating educational tool, children can observe these incredible birds every step of the way. See for yourself at

5. Berry College Eagle Cam (Georgia, United States)

This live-streaming eagle cam is situated on the scenic campus of Berry College in northwest Georgia. It offers a unique chance for children to observe two bald eagles as they tend to their nest and take care of their eaglets. Focused on both education and conservation, this camera allows for amazing bird-watching opportunities. Visit to watch.


Eagle cams are not only entertaining to watch but also serve as excellent educational tools that allow children to gain valuable knowledge about wildlife conservation and the importance of preserving ecosystems. Don’t miss out on these outstanding eagle cams that are perfect for kids and adults alike! Happy bird-watching!

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