Chronicle of Higher Education releases latest almanac

If you are interested in an array of knowledge on the college education landscape in the U.S., check out the Chronicle of Higher Education’s new Almanac of Higher Education report.

With the latest almanac, we find more than a few interesting stories about college finances, international students, and political affiliations.

According to Tom Zirpoli who wrote about what’s included in the almanac, Harvard University’s endowment was about $36 billion.

That’s just for 2014.

He also found that nearly 90 percent of college students are going to school “to be able to get a better job.”

Students form China still flock to America for the purpose of higher education. In his column for the Carroll County Times, Zirpoli notes that over 270,000 Chinese students enrolled at an American college or university in 2014. Wow. That’s a lot.

On research and development alone, John Hopkins University’s budget is rather large as it stands at $2.2 billion each year.

States continue to slash budgets for higher education. The cost of tuition “at four-year public institutions in America stands at about $9,140 per year…”

Lastly, students continue to choose business and marketing as majors. Each stand at the top of list of what college students select to pursue a career in post-graduation. At least that’s what the diploma states.

These tidbits of information are interesting. This report gives a brief a glimpse into how students are changing, or how they aren’t, and just how much colleges and universities spend on, well, everything. Understanding that spending helps inform decisions, both by families using these colleges and by the policy makers.

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