Class Reflection Activities to Close Out a Tough Year

Class reflection is an important part of any academic year, and especially important in the wake of a difficult year. It can be difficult to take time and reflect on the class of 2023, but it is important to do so. Here are some ideas for activities that can help students reflect on their year.

  1. Have a group discussion to explore what the class has learned and what they would like to remember most about their time in college.
  2. Have students write about their most memorable experiences in the year, both on and off campus.
  3. Have students create a timeline of their academic journey in the year and share it with the class.
  4. Have students write about what they would have done differently in the year and why.
  5. Have students share their goals for the following year and how they plan to achieve them.
  6. Have students share their thoughts on the challenges they faced in the year and how they overcame them.
  7. Have students share what they are most proud of in the year and why.
  8. Have students share what they would change about their experiences in the year if they could.
  9. Have students share their thoughts on the future of their education and what they hope to achieve.
  10. Have students share any advice they have for new students entering college in the following year.
    These are just a few ideas for activities to help students reflect on the year.
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