Classic Party Games

There are many classic party games that kids of all ages will love. Whether you’re hosting a youngster’s birthday party or want to play games with friends, these classics will have your guests coming back for more. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Right, Left, Eat
    This is a fun twist on a classic game! Rather than playing with tokens, teens will pass candy! Directed by a single die, they follow simple directions. The game ends when all the candy is gone!

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  1. Spoons
    Using plastic spoons or wooden spoons and a deck of cards, place one less spoon than the number of players on the table. Each player will then pass a single card at a time and try to find 4 of a kind. When they do, they take a spoon, and other players follow – the one without a spoon is kicked out. Make sure you have space for players, as this game gets wild!

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  1. Donut on a String
    In this classic game, you hang donuts on strings, and active players eat them using no hands – it is hilarious to watch!  This is a simple game, but it’s lots of fun and great to do outside when the weather is nice.

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  1. White Elephant
    A favorite game for a teen party that has a group. Buy different prizes – some that they will love and other silly items – and wrap them. Then, teens will pass the prizes around to determine if they will keep, pass, or trade.

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  1. Minute to Win It
    This is made for classic birthday party games based on the famous gameshow! It’s nice because each minute to win the game uses items usually found around the house…and the rounds are short, so you can do several ones throughout the party!

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  1. Instagram Scavenger Hunt
    Teens love their social media! Partner the use of it with a fun scavenger hunt! Give them a list of items they need to take photos of with point values – you can customize this to where you live or the event!

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  1. Emoji Pictionary
    This is a great guessing game for teenagers. Given a set of emojis, they need to determine each set’s movie.

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  1. Fishbowl
    This game is a mix of taboo and charades games. A fun game for a group party; all you need is slips of paper and two teams. Each team comes up with different popular words, names, etc. Then the teams compete to see who can guess the most items.

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  1. Green Glass Doors
    Another fun game to play at a party with numerous guests. Several players know the answers. The others will try and ask questions to make a guess. The players will use the answers to the questions to help solve the puzzle.

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  1. Card Slide Challenge
    This is a nice party game for smaller groups. You only need some cups, tape, toy cars, and ping pong balls. Then have candy prizes or other prizes to put in the cups. Each guest will take turns rolling the car across the table and try to land a cup to earn the prize.

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You can also try new games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Word Association. Whatever game you choose, make sure it’s age-appropriate so your guests can have a great time.

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