Climate Change Activities to Get Your Students Engaged

Climate change is happening, affecting our planet in many ways. We can help by engaging our students in climate change activities. Here are some great ways to get your students interested in climate change:

  1. Weather vs. Climate
    One of the first distinctions we must explain to our students is the difference between weather and climate. Next, they need to know short-term versus long-term changes and what affects each. Watch this video as a class, then discuss.

More Information: Crash Course Kids

  1. Reusable Bottles Garden
    This is a two-in-one activity that uses recycled plastic bottles (so they don’t end up in landfills) to plant flowers, herbs, and other organic materials that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. So ask your students to bring a few bottles in class, cut out holes, and plant!

More Information: The Better India

  1. Class Outside
    Bring your students outside to observe the environment around them. Give them a list of prompts such as, “how many trees can you see?”, “how clean do you feel the air is 1-10?”, “pick up 3 pieces of trash”. Explain the reasons behind the tasks.

More Information: Future Learn

  1. Climate Kids by NASA
    From greenhouse gases to water and energy consumption, this kid-friendly and interactive website have tons of great games and educational resources on the process of climate change, energy science, and how students can get involved.

More Information: Climate Kids

  1. Measuring Sea-Level Rise
    It is time to give your students a visual of the effects of climate change on glaciers and sea levels. Place some clay or play dough on one side of a clear container and put ice cubes on top, then fill the other side of the container with water that doesn’t reach the ice. Mark the waterline and see how it rises as the ice cubes melt.

More Information: PBS Kids

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