Colleges Tackle the Retention Problem With Emerging Education Technology

One of the many reasons colleges use education technology in their teaching programs is to tackle the retention problem. This piece will examine said problem and how colleges can use tech to avoid it as much as possible. 

What Is Education Technology and How Does It Benefit Colleges?

Education technology is a term used to describe a machine or tool that can enhance learning in the classroom. As we have mentioned, there are lots of reasons educational institutions use this tech in their teaching programs. Some education technology has proven to be extremely useful in improving the academic results of learners. 

Discussing the Retention Problem

While discussing the retention problem, we refer to how some learners struggle to retain essential details and information taught to them in the classroom. Due to this issue, the academic results of these learners are not as high as they would like. 

There are several ways colleges can reduce the retention problem and its effect on learners and their academic results. 

How Can Colleges Tackle the Retention Problem?

Most colleges have turned to education technology to reduce the effects of the retention problem. This tech has many uses in the classroom. For example, it can provide learners with constructive feedback based on exams and assignments. This feedback can then be leveraged to enhance their answering techniques and knowledge of the coursework. 

Additionally, most schools use education technology to provide learners with sufficient practice activities and revision exercises. Learners can also use apps to hold study group sessions or lessons after school hours. This will make it easier for them to retain the information, as they will have various opportunities to learn about it. 


Education technology is a term used to describe a machine or electronic tool that can enhance learning in the classroom. Most colleges use this tech to reduce the effects of the retention problem – they use it to make it easier for learners to retain information taught to them in lessons. 

Education technology can be used to provide learners with additional revision and practice activities. Additionally, apps can allow learners to have classes and study groups outside of the classroom and after school hours.

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