Common Core State Standards Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for Common Score apps, tools, and resources that you can use to better instruct your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Achieve 3000 Leadership Edition– Based on decades of in-depth research,Achieve 3000 uses patented methods to provide immersive, nonfiction materials that teach English, adult learning, special education, and workforce readiness. This app supports both English and Spanish language, and it provides for readers with difficulties aligned with the Common Core State Standards for the English language.

Animal Math Games for Kids with Skills Join Emma, the math explorer, as she helps her animal friends find their way home. Start your journey from Bessie’s farm, travel around the world and into outer space. Designed by parents and teachers, this app is recommended by the Common Core Standards for kindergarten math. The app features animals, including cows, puppies, kittens, and giraffes, and it appeals to kids of all ages.

Birdbrain Science Digital Textbooks This app works like an online science textbook written for multiple reading levels. The comprehensive text ensures that every student in the class understands what is being taught. Automatic feedback shows teachers and guardians the amount of progress made and how much work still needs to be done. Teachers can tailor their classes following the Common Core Standards. The text focuses on vocabulary building and assimilation.

First Grade Common Core Math Facts– This app was developed using the Common Core Standards to present all the facts to be learned in flashcard tiles. The child is then tested on these facts by taking a missing answer quiz and three timed missing number review quizzes to enable students to challenge themselves thoroughly and allow parents and teachers to check students’ fluency.

Khan Academy– Khan Academy has more than 40,000 interactive Common Core-aligned practice questions and above 10,000 videos and explanations in economics, history, math, and more. This is the best study app and tutoring app for students of all ages who are struggling in science and other subjects. You can easily bookmark your best content to “Your List,” which can be used offline when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Math Champ Challenge – School Edition Math Champ Challenge reinforces Common Core math topics by providing questions and gameplay for students grade four through seven. Using questions drawn from a large bank of items, students will be tested randomly, and they can compete with other students in their class. This is a great way to make the classroom environment more fun, and it is safe as there are no social media implications. This app throws a bit of competition in with basic math training to help increase enthusiasm in math class.

Math Chimp Worksheets– Math Chimp is filled with games, videos, and worksheets based on Common Core Standards for math. This is a free app specifically geared toward children in grades one through eight. Math Chimp is a one-stop-shop for all things that are math-related.

Math Core– Math Core helps to teach and reinforce Common Core mathematics with detailed lessons and specific goals. Whether you are a parent, student, or teacher, Math Core demonstrates how to learn best or teach the standards of math for your child or student.

Math Snacks– With many unique activities, animations, games, and tools, Math Snacks will help teach numbers, ratios, proportions, factoring, and pre-algebra. This is the perfect addition to elementary or middle school classrooms, to add extra fun in learning. It has been created with Common Core Standards and Mathematical Practices in mind to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom while also preparing children for tests.

Mathspace– Mathspace is based on Common Core standards for sixth to twelfth graders and has 30,000 questions that students can answer. It is available internationally, and it provides extra material and reinforcing topics to aid students’ learning outside of the classroom. Mathspace helps students bridge gaps in learning, implements technology into education, and compounds mathematical knowledge.

Moose Math– Designed for any three- to eight-year-old, Moose Math takes your child on a math adventure where they will have fun and learn. There are five activities in various locations around town. Hit up the Moose Juice Store to practice addition and subtraction, Puck’s Pet Shop to learn sorting, or the Lost & Found to get a better hang of geometry. The Dust Funnies and Duck Duck Moose characters in this app will help your child master math and crush Common Core Standards. There is even an option for parents or educators to receive a report card to track children’s progress.

My e-Coach– My eCoach is a safe and secure online environment where you can make a virtual classroom. You can create lesson plans, project guides, websites, and more—all centered around Common Core Standards that apply to all education. You can connect with other educators and teachers in a private area or share content with your students and the world. This is one giant “cloud” of information and content that is all in one place, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Next Lesson Marketplaces– Next Lesson is a platform created to implement and manage modern projects with the mission of building a better tomorrow by finding an answer to the lingering question, “How can we unleash projects students love?” NextLesson is built on the foundation that students learn using activities and contextual lessons; the platform incorporates an awareness of the challenges facing students and educators with the new Common Core standards. Activities available on the platform have been tested in classroom settings and include materials (video, worksheets, websites, references to apps) and comprehensive teacher guides where necessary. Materials are accessible from any device, any time you want.

Pearl Diver– With this app, you explore famous shipwrecks and submerged ruins for pearls, and you might find the highly sought black pearl. However, always look out for the pesky electric eel. It is suitable for children in grades three through eight (upper elementary and middle school students). It covers the Common Core Standards relevant to the number line and number properties. Pearl Diver was designed by math tutors, researchers, and game developers at the Learning Games Lab, New Mexico State University.

PowerMyLearning Connect– PowerMyLearning® Connect™ is a free online platform to personalize lessons and foster learning. It was designed especially for elementary school students, teachers, and their parents. This tool provides an efficient means to combine education inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can compile lists of digital material that meets their students’ needs. PowerMyLearning includes thousands of games, videos, tools, and simulations from different Internet sources that were carefully selected by PowerMyLearning’s illustrious team of educators. These materials are earmarked by subject, grade, Common Core Standard, among others.

Preschool & Kindergarten Games– This is a collection of 15 immersive games that combine fun and entertainment in a unique blend designed to engage and excite your preschool and kindergarten children. Students’ progress earns them stickers that they can attach to their board. Essential features in the apps such as appropriate voice narrations, beautiful illustrations, and playful sound effects help children to learn letters, spelling, math, and more. The apps use the preschool and kindergarten curriculums that comply with the Common Core Standards. The collection comes with two free games; additional games are available for purchase in-app.

Quill– Quill is a writing tutorial app for teachers designed to help students become better writers. Quill is a nonprofit organization, and its goal is to provide tools such as Quill to help make students better writers. Quill uses web applications to create engaging content for students that helps them learn grammar, writing skills, and vocabulary. Using the teacher dashboard, you can monitor students’ progress according to the Common Core Standards; this feature also makes grading more intuitive and meaningful.

Reading Intro by Oz Phonics– Reading intro by Oz Phonics is designed to help anyone with reading difficulties—especially for kids with dyslexia. The app helps the user recognize the sound of any letter with the use of simple, fun tasks. The app introduces users to short vowel sounds, 10 consonant sounds, and up to 15 letter-sound relationships. The app uses a reading system called the Oz Phonics reading system, which includes American and Australian accent options. The current suite of iPad apps covers many of the United States Common Core State Standard Reading specifications.

Recap– Recap is a free student video response and reflection app that allows teachers and parents to monitor students’ learning and progress. It offers insight into the way students’ reason, improves assessments, and fosters individualized learning. This app allows you to collect data on each student to provide individual-specific learning and tests. This complies with Common Core Standards using a video that captures proof of work done when completing assignments.

StudyLock – For parents that are frustrated with their child’s screentime use, StudyLock is a unique solution. Simply download the app onto the child’s phone or tablet, and the device becomes locked until the child correctly answers a set of school age appropriate questions in Common Core subjects such as math, literacy, and world history. StudyLock tracks the child’s answers as well as all phone and app usage for parents to monitor through a web portal. Also available in the parental web portal is information on the child’s strengths and weaknesses as measured through the answers they provide during their StudyLock sessions. In case of emergency, parents have the option to set phone numbers that can be called even

Sumdog – Aligned to the Common Core and key state standards, Sumdog provides K-8 learning in math, spelling, and grammar. With an adaptive learning engine, questions are targeted to everyone’s academic learning level providing automatic differentiation in the classroom. Questions are purposefully designed to blend new learning and review. Sumdog is full of engaging activities and games designed to keep students motivated through a focus on game-based learning. With a subscription, teachers have access to detailed reports providing information on progress, effort, skills, and growth against the standards for each student. Sumdog uses a positive reward system to help ensure continued student engagement. For correct answers, students earn gold coins which can be “spent” in Sumdog’s in-app store. There is also an optional pet reward program where each student has a virtual pet that learns one new trick for each new skill the student masters.

Sushi Monster – For students that need extra practice with math fact fluency, Sushi Monster provides addition and multiplication practice in an engaging and challenging game format. Included in the app are 12 carefully sequenced levels (seven addition levels and five multiplication levels) with four rounds in each level. In each round, students are asked to meet a target number. By strategically placing sushi pieces around a monster to create true equations that equal the target number, students win the round and earn points, stars, or trophies. These rewards, along with a personal best score, allow players to unlock new challenges and levels. Sushi Monster is designed to meet the Common Core State Standard to support strategic reasoning and computational flexibility also and multiplication.

Beyond Cats! Math for K, 1 & 2– This math app goes beyond multiple-choice questions, covering numerous math concepts. The increasing level of difficulty makes this app useful even after months of use.

Beyond Cats! Grade 2 Math Standards – Math tutoring designed especially for your precious second grader. The app includes about 200 question types and even more ways to provide answers. Designed according to the Common Core State Standards. Students can go back to check their answers in the previously answered MCQs.

Beyond Cats! Grade 1 Math – Math tutoring designed especially for your precious first grader. There are about 200 question types and even more ways to provide answers. Designed according to the Common Core State Standards. Students can go back to check their answers in the previously answered MCQs.

Beyond Cats! Kindergarten Math – Winner of the “Editor’s Choice Award” from the prestigious Children’s Technology Review. The app can be used throughout the school year to teach numbers and geometry to your kindergartener. The app includes a variety of question forms and even more ways to provide answers.

Pet Bingo– Pet Bingo is an exciting game for kindergarten through fourth-grade learners; it teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Watch as your child’s math skills grow exponentially using this app, which adheres strictly to Common Core State Standards for Math. The app includes useful educational tips provided by seasoned educators to help your child understand basic mathematical concepts.

Skoolbo – With step-by-step lessons in reading, math, science, foreign languages, music, art, and geography, Skoolbo can support students in a variety of subjects. With the Skoolbo Learning Algorithm, each student has their strengths and weaknesses constantly assessed so that individually tailored learning activities can be presented with just the right amount of repetition and reinforcement. It has a highly engaging learning environment complete with animations, games, challenges, and rewards. Within Skoolbo, there are separate areas for parents, teachers, and children. Parents and teachers are given a variety of tools and assessment results that allow them to understand the child’s current academic levels and set future achievement goals. It is currently used by children in more than 150 countries and is fully aligned with Common Core State Standards.

The Joy of Reading – Designed to support early reading, The Joy of Reading includes nine multi-level games with explicit instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness. The Joy of Reading includes these foundational skills, which are all aligned to Kindergarten Common Core State Standards: phonemic awareness, letter tracing, letter recognition, rhyming and blending sounds, differentiation of long and short vowel sounds, spelling, recognition of compound words, recollection of common high-frequency words, and reading emergent-reader texts with fluency. There are three different game modes for teachers or parents to choose from, including a guided learning path, free play, and practice with specific words in the ABC dictionary. This app can be used as an early preparatory tool at home or as a complement to in-class instruction.

ThinkCERCA – ThinkCERCA is a literacy curriculum meant to bridge all subjects from science to social studies. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four components of the ThinkCERCA curriculum. Each lesson supports the shared literacy framework, allowing students and teachers to use a common language to speak about literacy, including claims, evidence, reasoning, counterargument, and audience. ThinkCERCA is aligned to the standards in each subject (Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards, etc.) and can be used as a textbook replacement. Differentiation is easy as each text comes with ten adjustable levels. ThinkCERCA is backed by research and has a set of case studies that can be reviewed on their website.

Tic Toc Time – Using Tic Toc Time, students learn how to read a clock face by relating it to things they are already familiar with, such as the sun, shadows, night, and day. Developed for children aged 3-8, Tic Toc Time meets the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, including time telling for grades 1-3.

Todo Telling Time – Todo Telling Time helps K-2 students learn to tell time with six interactive mini-games. Students will learn how to tell time to the hour and minute, calendar concepts such as days of the week, digital time, and how time interacts with a daily schedule. This app is aligned with Common Core State Standards for telling time in grades 1-3.

Water Cycle HD – Allowing children to explore the water cycle through audio clips and tons of visuals, Water Cycle HD describes the stages of the water cycle and explains each stage’s impact on Earth’s life. Each section includes “WOW” facts, and the “Read to Me” feature enables text narration. There is also a quiz section based on Bloom’s taxonomy that has three difficulty levels. All content corresponds to the Common Core State Standards.

Word Wagon – Based on Common Core State Standards, Word Wagon teaches letters, phonics, and spelling. With over 100 words and 4 levels of learning, children cover letter names, letter sounds, and spelling of 4-6 letter words. Children collect fun animated stickers for each word learned, which can be kept in a virtual sticker book. There are also interactive surprises for children to discover, such as playing hide and seek or drawing pictures with the characters. Word Wagon has won the Parent’s Gold Choice Award and the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award.

Zapzapmath – Zapzapmath includes a suite of games for students in K-6 to complement a classroom mathematics curriculum. All games are tied to specific Common Core State Standards and encourage students to move beyond simply memorizing facts or formulas to thinking critically and analyzing math concepts. Teachers and parents can track student progress and learning outcomes from any device by accessing the learning analytics dashboard. All Zapzapmath games apply adaptive learning to ensure that students are appropriately challenged at their current mathematics level. To help them understand what they have learned, students are asked to take a pre- and post-assessment and reflect on their scores.

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