Conservatism: Everything You Need to Know

Conservatism is almost the complete opposite of liberalism. Conservatism believes in the restoration of concepts that have not been maintained and that institutions should continue to operate in alignment with their originally intended purpose. Conservatives have some foundational principles that they hold on to rigidly, unlike the liberalists, who are very flexible with their principles and open to change. 

Conservatives do not believe all humans can be reasonable and fully acknowledge the imperfect nature of humankind. Conservatives do not believe it is possible for a perfect society to be established on earth.  Conservatives look to the past to determine the basis for appropriate and inappropriate social interaction and relationships between humans. They also believe in the importance of traditions for the maintenance of culture and society.  

Conservative education maintains the use of the traditional curriculum with the purpose of using the conveying of information to students as a way to help them adopt the already established culture. Conservatives are generally opposed to individualism and are more supportive of the assimilation of individuals into the already established social order. Conservatives do not approve of the inclusion of non-academic activities in the school curriculum as it might have the effect of diluting the effectiveness of the children’s education.

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