Continuously Growing as a Tech-Savvy Educator

Learning how to use tech well is important in contemporary schools. Educators must figure out how to continuously increase their use and knowledge of tech. Without growth in this area, educators will become ineffective in the classroom setting. However, most educators don’t understand how they are supposed to foster that growth in themselves. 

You can learn how to become a more tech-savvy educator without a lot of effort or fanfare. Here are just a few easy tasks you can try to make you better informed about contemporary tech. 

Find a Community of Tech-Savvy Educators. 

Collaborating with other educators who also have to use tech is a good way to grow. You may have to lead this initiative or find a couple of educators in your department who want to compare concepts. Although it may be difficult, try to carve out a set amount of time for these meetings weekly or monthly. This can improve your own professional development and give you space to reflect on your own practices. 

Sign Up for Professional Development Training. 

Do you feel like you need some professional training in a specific area? A decade ago, you would have had to attend a college course on a campus across town. Now, things are much more convenient with access to on-demand training for college courses, easy webinars, and other online courses that can help answer your questions. 

Research and Experiment with Emerging Learning Tools. 

There is an endless selection of learning tools available at little to no cost. Tech-savvy educators are always researching the programs that are available to them and their learners. One way to always grow as a tech-savvy educator is to regularly experiment and play around with new apps. This is a great way to determine what is available to you and your learners while gaining greater familiarity with operating your device. 

Continuous growth is an important component of being an effective educator, particularly if you are increasing your tech-savvy abilities. This growth doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can utilize it to improve your daily functioning and enhance your classroom at the same time. Try out a few of these easy ways to boost your professional development today. 

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