Cookbooks for Kids

There has never been a better moment to teach children to cook than when they are at home and schools are closed. Their entire lives will be spent using this crucial life skill. Additionally, cooking teaches kids many things, like reading, arithmetic, and science! But figuring out how to approach it can be challenging. Check out our list of the top kid-friendly cookbooks as a wonderful place to start.

  1. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

This treasure from America’s Test Kitchen features over a hundred kid-tested and approved recipes, step-by-step images of procedures, and suggestions. This is the best option we have for food education.

  1. MasterChef Junior Cookbook

Get them the book with 100 recipes based on meals the contestants served in the first five seasons if they like the show, along with techniques, advice, and recommendations. Anyone for seared scallops?

  1. Cooking Class

This approach is somewhat more straightforward (best for kids ages 6-12). You are looking at recipes for simple classics like pizza, French toast, and applesauce.

  1. Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls

This 1957 cookbook, which features delightful color graphics and photographs, was a staple in the lives of an entire generation. There’s a reason it’s a classic.

  1. Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook

Anywhere, we would recognize those red and white checks! And in the most recent edition of this cookbook, we particularly enjoy the chapter on kitchen safety.

  1. Complete Children’s Cookbook

DK wins the day! Children will adore full-color photography, and adults will love that it teaches them valuable skills like the proper knife grip.

  1. The Cookbook for Kids

Your preferred kitchen retailer offers a children’s cookbook! It’s only fitting that Willams-Sonoma would create something so lovely and simple.

  1. Cook Me a Story

This sweet option transforms beloved fairy tales into mouthwatering meals. Goldilocks and the Three Pears come to mind. Cook Me a Rhyme may be another book you like.

  1. The International Cookbook for Kids

It’s time to broaden those tastes. This cookbook is an excellent option because it has 60 recipes from Mexico, China, France, Italy, and France. It also contains numerous lectures on history and culture (see what we did there?).

  1. The Silver Spoon for Children

Spaghetti is a kid’s favorite. For authentic regional Italian meals, consult this best-selling cookbook’s special edition created to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

  1. In The French Kitchen with Kids

Child Julia would be pleased. Kids can make everything from madeleines to crème brûlée to croque-monsieurs and steak frites with this Mardi Michels offering.

  1. The Forest Feast for Kids

Try this suggestion from culinary blogger Erin Gleason for a vegetarian cookbook. Watercolors and hand calligraphy are used in the stunning design, while kid-friendly veggie alternatives like rainbow chard quiche and kale tacos are available.

  1. American Girl Baking

Have a future pastry chef? The sweets in this cookbook vary from traditional favorites like cookies and cupcakes to more adventurous dishes like fruit turnovers and chocolate truffles. Enjoy it? American Girl Cooking is available.

  1. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

For any fan of Harry Potter, this is a necessity. This trendy cookbook is magical, with recipes like pumpkin pasties and treacle desserts.

  1. Pizza: An Interactive Recipe Book

The ideal cooking for young children occasionally involves fake cooking. Thanks to the pull-down and pop-out elements, children may mix and slice in this interactive book without making a mess. Additionally, there are variations for tacos, cookies, and pancakes.

  1. Teens Cook

We have our oldest children, who are on the other end of the spectrum. The main goal of this cookbook is to show teenagers how to prepare the foods they want to eat without catching fire.

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