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In the age of online learning and teaching, educators are constantly searching for innovative ways to engage their students. One exciting new resource that has caught the attention of teachers around the globe is Inference Comics offered by Teach Starter. This article will explore the features and benefits of this fantastic resource and how it can revolutionize the way we teach inference skills to students.

What are Inference Comics?

Inference Comics is an interactive and engaging learning tool designed to help students develop their inference skills. It provides a collection of comic strips that present a series of visual scenarios for students to analyze and make logical assumptions. By observing the images and deciphering the hidden message, students strengthen their ability to draw conclusions based on evidence.

Why are Inference Skills important?

Inference skills play a crucial role in comprehension and critical thinking. The ability to read between the lines, infer meaning, and make connections is essential for understanding complex texts and real-life situations. By sharpening their inference skills, students become more proficient readers and better equipped to navigate the complexities of the world around them.

Features of Inference Comics:

1. Engaging Comic Strips: Inference Comics provides a wide range of visually appealing comic strips that capture students’ attention and stimulate their imagination. The colorful illustrations and relatable characters make the learning experience enjoyable and captivating.

2. Varied Scenarios: Each comic strip presents a unique scenario, allowing students to practice inference skills in various contexts. From everyday situations to fantasy realms, Inference Comics covers a range of scenarios that cater to different interests and learning styles.

3. Scaffolded Learning: The resource offers progressively challenging comic strips, allowing students to gradually develop their inference skills. With each new strip, students will encounter more complex visuals and hidden messages, enhancing their analytical thinking abilities.

4. Teacher Resources: In addition to the comic strips, Inference Comics also provides teachers with comprehensive resources to support effective instruction. These resources include lesson plans, discussion questions, and assessment tools, enabling teachers to seamlessly integrate the resource into their curriculum.

Benefits of Inference Comics:

– Enhances Reading Comprehension: Through the analysis of visual cues and textual context, students improve their ability to comprehend written texts and extract meaning from them.

Fosters Critical Thinking: By encouraging students to make logical assumptions and draw conclusions, Inference Comics promotes critical thinking skills that are transferrable to various academic and real-life situations.

– Promotes Creativity: The visually stimulating comic strips inspire creativity in students as they interpret and analyze the illustrations, encouraging them to think outside the box.

– Captivates Student Interest: Inference Comics combines education with entertainment, capturing students’ attention and making the learning process enjoyable.


Inference Comics is an invaluable resource that empowers students to develop their inference skills in a fun and engaging way. By incorporating comic strips and stimulating scenarios, this resource revolutionizes the teaching of inference in the classroom. With its numerous benefits and comprehensive teacher resources, Inference Comics is a must-have tool for educators looking to enhance their students’ comprehension and critical thinking abilities.

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