Coping Skills for Kids – Strategies That Work

There are a number of coping skills that children can use to help them deal with difficult situations. Some of the most common coping skills include:

1. Breathing exercises: Children can use breathing exercises to help them calm down and relax. One simple breathing exercise is to take in a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds then exhale completely. Repeat this process several times.

2. Visualization: Children can use visualization to help them picture a calm, safe place in their minds. When things are going haywire, have them try to focus on a place in their mind where everything is calm. Allow them to picture themselves there, feeling happy and content. This can help to calm them down and help them to stay positive during difficult times.

3. Writing: Writing can be a great way for children to process their emotions and thoughts. When things go wrong, allow them to take some time to write about their experiences. This can help to express their feelings and hopefully make them easier to deal with.

4. Talking to a trusted adult: If things are going really downhill, it can be helpful to talk to a trusted adult about what’s going on. An adult can help them to process their emotions and provide support during difficult times.

While coping skills are never a guarantee of success, using a few of these strategies can help children ease the pain and move on.

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