Corporate Finance Essay Topics

Corporate Finance Essay Titles

  1. Evidence from Emerging Markets on Investment Opportunities, Corporate Finance, and Dividend Payout Policy
  2. Endogeneity and Structural Models in Corporate Finance: The Relationship Between Managerial Ownership and Corporate Performance
  3. Journal of Corporate Finance Publication Patterns and Co-authorship
  4. Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Finance, and the Investment Life Cycle
  5. Ten Poorly Explained Topics in Most Corporate Books
  6. Corporate Finance’s Three Major Divisions
  7. Dynamic Models and Structural Estimation in Corporate Finance
  8. Dynamic Panel Model Estimation in Corporate Finance
  9. Analyzing Corporate Finance Tools and Their Application
  10. Debt Maturity and the Corporate Finance Back-to-the-Wall Theory
  11. Corporate Finance, Capital Tax Reform, and Economic Growth and Welfare
  12. The Impact of Agency Theory on Corporate Finance Theory
  13. Causes, Context, and Consequences of Financial Crises and Corporate Finance
  14. Japanese Corporate Finance: What Factors Influence Japanese Firms’ Financial Decisions?
  15. Corporate Finance Quirks: A Comparative Approach to Developed Countries
  16. Expected Returns and Standard Deviation in Corporate Finance
  17. Corporate Finance and Global Financial Analysis at McCallum Graduate School
  18. An Initial Investigation into Innovation, Firm Size, and Corporate Finance
  19. Institutional Investors, Corporate Finance Policies, and Monitoring
  20. What Is the Distinction Between Project Finance and Corporate Finance?

Fascinating Topics to Write About Corporate Finance

  1. Corporate Finance, Optimal Contracting, and Valuation With Inalienable Human Capital
  2. An Empirical Look at Banking, Corporate Finance, and Monetary Policy
  3. Corporate Finance, Business Taxation, and Economic Performance
  4. A Non-technical Review of Real Options Analysis and Corporate Finance Assumptions
  5. Corporate Finance in Central and Eastern Europe: Commonality and Heterogeneity
  6. Case Studies in Corporate Finance 9th Edition of Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe
  7. Synthetic Leases and Off-Balance-Sheet Corporate Finance: Flaws and How to Avoid Them With Synthetic Debt
  8. The Modigliani and Miller Propositions: The Failure of a Corporate Finance Foundation
  9. Market Manipulation and Corporate Finance: A Fresh Look
  10. A Survey of Chief Financial Officers to Bridge the Theory-Practice Gap in Corporate Finance
  11. Evidence from the Field of Corporate Finance Theory and Practice
  12. An Overview of Stock Markets, Corporate Finance, and Economic Growth
  13. Overinvestment, Corporate Finance, and Credit Expansion
  14. Are Male Executives More Confident Than Female Executives in Corporate Finance?
  15. Empirical Evidence from a Panel of Austrian and Italian Firms on Severance Pay and Corporate Finance
  16. Evidence from Individual Company Data on Pension Funding, Pension Asset Allocation, and Corporate Finance
  17. Heckman’s Estimator and Private Information in Banking and Corporate Finance Research
  18. Micro and Macro Investor Sentiment and Corporate Finance
  19. Evidence from Japanese Corporate Finance on Firms’ Cash Holdings and Performance
  20. The Political Economy of Corporate Finance by Jean Tirole
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