Covert Narcissist: Signs and How to Respond

Knowing the signs to understand and respond appropriately is important when dealing with a covert narcissist. Here are five key signs to watch for:

1. The narcissist is always in control. The narcissist will always try to have the last word, be the center of attention, and have power in any situation. This often manifests in the need for constant approval, excessive demands for attention and recognition, and a lack of empathy or consideration for others.

2. The narcissist is always planning and plotting. The narcissist constantly thinks about gaining and maintaining power and control and will often spend hours planning and scheming to achieve their goals. This can involve manipulating others, using charm and deception, or even staging events to achieve their desired outcome.

3. The narcissist is always eyeing up others. The narcissist always sizes others to assess their worth and potential usefulness. As a result, they will often be critical and jealous of others and use any opportunity to compete with or undermine them.

4. The narcissist is never satisfied. The narcissist never feels content or satisfied with what they have and will constantly crave more power, recognition, and admiration. This can manifest in a need for excessive luxury and material possessions, constant attention and compliments, or a compulsive need for admiration.

5. The narcissist is never happy alone. The narcissist is never content to be alone and will always crave the company of others. As a result, they may be very flirtatious and seductive or even seek out unhealthy relationships in which they can control and dominate.

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