Create an Effective Learning Environment for Young Kids

Are you a young educator looking to create an effective learning environment for your students? If so, keep reading

Safety 1st

1 of the most essential services you provide for the kids is to ensure their safety and well-being. You have to know how to make your school safe for kids and prevent accidents and reduce the frequency of injuries. Most kids are curious and view things as interesting to touch or taste, not as safe or hazardous. Take a kid’s eye tour of your school, inside and outside, to make an exhaustive safety check. Here are suggestions you may need to implement.

Closely supervise kids

Teach kids safety procedures, such as fire safety and passenger safety.

NEVER leave kids unattended. There must always be at least 1 staff member with kids, whether it is 1 kid or a group of kids.

Remove any visual barriers in the kids’ activity areas so that educators can supervise kids more easily. If kids are transported by your program, ensure that all safety regulations are followed: seat belts, safety seats, passenger roster, etc.

Respond to emergencies

Be familiar with the evacuation routes (such as fire drills) and shelter locations (for severe storms). These should be posted throughout the facility. Maintain a list of emergency contact info for each kid. Keep this list in a safe space that is easy for adults to reach. Know basic 1st aid procedures and infant/kid CPR procedures.

Here’s to Good Health!

All precautions have to be taken to ensure that illness is kept to a minimum in your facility. As kids arrive each day, you can easily observe their physical and mental health. Follow your school’s procedures for reporting any symptoms or indicators of illness.

All staff must know with symptoms of childhood illnesses to determine potential infectious diseases. Center regulations should clearly state actions if a kid comes to the center ill or if illness develops during the day. Any kid injured or becomes ill and cannot participate in activities should be isolated and supervised until the parent has been notified and the kid is picked up.              

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