Creative Preschool Activities That Express Gratitude

Creative preschool activities that express gratitude can be a rewarding way to keep children busy and engaged.

Here are a few ideas to get your children started:

1. Create an activity to express thanks after each meal. This could mean any type of creative work, like drawing or painting, writing a story, or drawing and painting a picture of your favorite person or things.

2. Make a gratitude chart. This could be a simple sheet of paper on which you list all of the things you’re grateful for each day, as well as any special events or moments that occurred during the day.

3. Draw a picture of yourself with gratitude written in the bottom left corner. Post it on the refrigerator or in a prominent place where children can see it regularly.

4. Create a gratitude journal. This could be a simple piece of paper on which you list all of the things that you’re grateful for each day and how you’re feeling about them.

5. Honor your blessings with a special act or ritual. This could be anything from taking a bath with gratitude in the water to writing a heartfelt letter of thanks to some special someone. Some ideas to consider;

• Writing thank-you cards

• Take a walk with gratitude in the park

• Eating a meal with gratitude in the kitchen

• Doing a special project with gratitude in mind

• Take a bath with gratitude in the water

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