Custom Assessments Allow Teachers to Easily Blend Cross-Curricular Concepts

Kids Discover Online users of the science and social studies curriculum can now design their own homework and assessments within the platform.

Just in time for back to school, Kids Discover, a leading provider of science and social studies curriculum, has added custom Assessments to its Kids Discover Online learning environment.

With the new tool, educators have full control to mix and match science and social studies materials to create, distribute, and assess custom quizzes, tests, and homework assignments directly within the platform.

Teachers can choose from 5,000 pre-built questions covering more than 1,200 science and social studies topics. Question types include discussion prompts, short answer, multiple choice, and true/false, allowing educators to choose how they want to assess what they’ve taught.

Using the pre-built questions as a starting point, teachers can customize each question and group different types of questions together to create a variety of assessments ranging from short multiple-choice quizzes to longer mixed-question assessments.

To help differentiate homework assignments from assessments, teachers can lock and unlock content to restrict what the student can view while the assessment is in progress.

The Kids Discover Online platform automatically grades all true/false and multiple-choice questions using customized answer keys. The Gradebook feature keeps all student scores in one place so teachers can track students’ progress through the year, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and provide intervention when necessary.

According to Ted Levine, the president and CEO of Kids Discover, the Assessments feature was inspired by Kids Discover users. “It is so important that our users know we listen to their feedback and requests,” he said. “They are our best source of information on how to continue making our solution the absolute best for them and their students.”

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