Dear First Year Teachers, It Wasn’t Supposed to Be Like This


Dear first-year teachers,

Congratulations on embarking upon your journey within the teaching profession! You surely have been anticipating the first day of class with a mixture of excitement and nerves. This feeling is completely natural and is shared by many novice educators. However, you couldn’t have imagined that teaching in 2020 would be like this.

The Unexpected Challenge

The current global pandemic has turned the world upside down, and schools are no exception. As a first-year teacher, you must navigate virtual classrooms, support students at a distance, and maintain communication with parents who are not used to this new way of learning. However daunting it may seem right now, it’s crucial to remember that no educator ever anticipated such a scenario. Thus, do not fault yourself for any hiccups in the process.

Flexibility is Key

Despite these challenging times, adaptability should be your guiding light. Embrace technology, but do not try to replicate a traditional classroom setting one-to-one into an online platform. Instead, reevaluate your teaching methods and tools to fully exploit what is available at your disposal. Engage with veteran teachers who can offer guidance on best techniques and resources for remote learning. Remember, being flexible will help both you and your students better adapt to this new reality.

Compassion Counts

At times when uncertainty is pervasive, empathy is invaluable. This year turned out to be unusual and difficult for everyone involved – students, parents, other colleagues – so let us all practice patience and understanding toward one another. Some days may be better than others regarding student engagement or even your own motivation; however, never lose sight of your ultimate goal: positively impacting the lives of your learners.

Enrich Yourself Professionally

While you might feel restricted due to the ongoing scenario, this also presents opportunities for professional growth. Participate in online webinars, connect with educators from across the globe, and explore new educational resources. By seizing these chances to broaden your horizons, you will not only enrich your practice but also be better equipped to face the ebb and flow of remote learning.

Community Support

Finally, you are not alone. The entire educational community is in this together. Connect with fellow first-year teachers to exchange experiences, share ideas, and provide moral support. Reach out to veteran colleagues who remain a treasure trove of wisdom. And remember, each day brings unique challenges accompanied by opportunities to learn and grow.


Dear first-year teachers, though this year has been nothing short of unconventional, don’t let the challenges devalue your passion for education. Stay determined, flexible, compassionate, and open to learning – qualities that will surely help you thrive in any setting and contribute to creating a brighter future for your students. We believe in you.

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