Dear Parents, “Common Core Math” Isn’t Out to Get You, and Here’s Why


For parents who grew up learning math in a very traditional way, the current “Common Core Math” teaching style might appear utterly baffling. It has lead to an assumption that this approach is out to destroy the fundamental ways of learning math. However, the reality is quite the opposite. In this article, we will share why Common Core Math benefits children’s education and is not a threat to their learning journey.

Understanding Common Core Math:

The Common Core Math initiative was implemented in classrooms across the United States with an aim to unify math education standards among various states. It revolves around one essential principle: promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach provides students with better tools for their future mathematical endeavors rather than mere memorization of formulas.

Here are some reasons why Common Core Math is not out to get you or your children:

1. Deeper Understanding of Mathematical Concepts:

Common Core Math doesn’t focus solely on drills and memorization – it encourages a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts. This allows students to develop a strong foundation in math, enabling them to approach complex problems more efficiently.

2. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills:

By presenting math problems in everyday life scenarios, Common Core Math exposes children to real-world situations on common issues they may encounter in the future. The emphasis on problem-solving will help develop kids’ analytical thinking abilities as they grow up.

3. Flexible Learning Methods:

The traditional method of teaching math often forced students to absorb rigid formulas which left many struggling with basic concepts. Common Core Math recognizes that not all students learn the same way, offering flexibility in how concepts can be taught and learned.

4. Adaptable To The Future Workforce:

We live in an increasingly technology-driven society where automation and advanced problem-solving are essential skills for the workforce. Common Core Math aims to prepare young minds to adapt to these changes and excel in their professional lives.

5. Collaboration and Group Work:

Common Core Math promotes a collaborative learning environment, teaching students the importance of teamwork as they solve problems together. In the process, children learn interpersonal as well as leadership skills that prepare them for real-life situations.


So dear parents, fear not – Common Core Math is here to support and enhance your children’s academic lives, not hinder them. It is designed to develop problem-solving abilities, a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, and versatile thinking skills that will benefit your children in the long run. By embracing this approach, you’re ensuring a stable and promising future for your children in today’s rapidly evolving world.

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