Debate Topics About Education

Are you a teacher who is looking for education-themed debate topics to use with your students? Well, look no further because we have a list of topics that you can use in your classroom today.

  • A college degree is needed to get a good job.
  • Are learner loans exploitative?
  • All learners should have to purchase a laptop.
  • Boarding school is harmful to learners.
  • Cell phones should be banned in schools.
  • College should be free for everyone.
  • Contact sports should be required in school.
  • Do you need homework in order?
  • Education should be privatized.
  • Education should focus on math and science rather than music and art.
  • Fast food should be banned in schools.
  • Girls should be encouraged to enter STEM fields.
  • Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.
  • Public schools are better than private schools.
  • Religion should be taught in schools.
  • Should free STD testing be offered in schools?
  • Schools should have armed guards.
  • Should schools teach abstinence-only sex education?
  • Should schools teach LGBT+ inclusive sex education?
  • Should standardized testing be abolished?
  • School uniforms should be mandatory.
  • Studying a second language should be compulsory.
  • Teachers should be given guns to defend learners.
  • Teachers should be paid as much as doctors.
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