Delightful Drawing Games For Kids

Playing drawing games with children is a fun and calming way to spend a few minutes. Whether using pencils, crayons, or digital drawing tools, these games can get the creative juices flowing.

There are a variety of different drawing games that can be played, and each one has its own unique benefits. Here are some of our favorite games that are perfect for children of all ages:

  1. Pictionary
    Kicking us off with a classic, we have Pictionary! This board game requires teams to sketch out a given picture and for players to guess what exactly they are. It’s an awesome game for developing good teamwork skills.

More Information: Latinafy

  1. Draw With Your Eyes Closed
    This blind drawing game will have your learners in fits of laughter. It’s super simple to play with, and all required are a pencil and a piece of paper. Then, give the class an object to draw and instruct them to do so while their eyes are closed. The person with the most accurate drawing wins!

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  1. Doggy Hangman
    What a wonderful way to practice spelling in pairs! Player one will pick a word for player 2 to guess. If player 2 picks any letter that does not form part of the chosen word, player 1 will begin to draw sections of a dog. If the entire body is drawn before the word is guessed, player 2 loses.

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  1. Five Dots
    Five dots are a drawing dot game that inspires creativity. Kids will need to draw a person by positioning the head, 2 hands, and 2 feet over one of the dots.

More Information: My Kid’s Time

  1. Silly Sketch
    Silly sketches will quickly become one of your child’s favorite drawing games. While helping to develop their visual perceptual and motor skills, drawers are prompted to follow instructions that lead to doodling a silly sketch.

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  1. Blind Contour Drawing
    This fantastic game places all focus on the artist’s subject. The game aims for children to draw the outline of a person’s face while only looking directly at them and not at all at their piece of paper.

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  1. Pass The Drawing
    This game calls for teamwork! Children can either work in pairs or larger groups. Each should start with a piece of paper and a unique colored pencil. After 5 minutes to work on their art piece, they should pass it on to the person next to them who can add to it.

More Information: Moffats In The Making

  1. Back To Back
    This is a fun game for 2 people. Standing one in front of the other, the front person puts a piece of paper against the wall, and the person at the back presses against the front person’s back. The objective is for the person in front to imitate the drawing of the person behind them based on what they feel on their back.

More Information: Kids Art & Craft

  1. Geometries
    This simple game requires that kids draw a heap of geometric shapes on a piece of paper and use their imagination to transform the figures into something recognizable. For example, the shapes below have been reimagined as a tree.

More Information: Craft Whack

  1. Copy Me
    Complicated scribbles are a thing of the past! These grid drawings make learning to draw new figures an absolute breeze. In addition, children can copy the drawing displayed in one grid into an empty one beside it to create their own version.

More Information: Play Osmo

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