Differing Perspectives on Education Technology

Educational tech, or education technology, refers to different tools and equipment used in the classroom to help understand schoolwork better. There are multiple types of education technology tools that have their own purpose and function. 

Many educators enjoy incorporating tech into their lessons. However, there are many different opinions when it comes to education technology. In this piece, we will be discussing three different perspectives on education tech. 

Education technology Can Be Used to Enhance Learning

Education technology is becoming an increasingly popular tool in contemporary schools and classrooms. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that tech can make a more engaging educational environment, improving the academic results of learners. 

Many educators believe that education technology is the perfect tool, as it can be used to provide learners with visual representations, such as videos, graphs and PowerPoints. Many learners enjoy using tech, which means they will likely react well to using it in the classroom. 

Education technology Can Make School More Flexible for Learners

Many educators enjoy using tech in the classroom because it allows learners to complete their schoolwork from remote locations. 

When learners save their work to the cloud, they can access that work from any device or location, given that they have internet access. This means that the learners can take school work home, giving them more time to complete assignments and projects. 

Education technology Can Be Used to Improve Communication and Collaboration

There are many education technology tools and apps that educators can use to promote collaboration and communication between learners. 

Education Technology Can Become a Distraction

Many educators see education technology as a negative educational tool. Some educators believe that tech in the classroom will only lead to distraction amongst the learners. 

As we have already mentioned, many learners enjoy using tech. This creates a potential problem of learners using resources, such as YouTube, to watch videos that aren’t related to schoolwork. In this case, the learners will be taking advantage of the education technology and it will not be effective. 


Educators worldwide have differing perspectives on education technology and the effects that it has in the classroom. Some people enjoy using tech for lessons because it can enhance learning through videos, images and PowerPoints. Other educators make use of education technology because it can make schools more flexible for the learners. A handful of educators believe that tech is a distraction in the classroom and prefer not to use it.

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