Discovering Alternate Routes on Google Maps


In today’s fast-paced world, reaching your destination quickly and efficiently is imperative. Google Maps, a popular online mapping service, has become an essential tool for millions of users worldwide. One particularly useful feature is the ability to find alternate routes during a journey. In this article, we will explore how to find these alternate routes using Google Maps.

Step 1: Input Your Destination

To begin, open the Google Maps application on your smartphone or access the website on your computer. Click on the search bar and enter your destination. Once your destination appears in the search results, select it.

Step 2: Initiate Navigation

After you’ve selected your destination, click on the “Directions” button to initiate navigation. The application will automatically calculate the quickest route from your current location to your destination.

Step 3: Explore Alternate Routes

Once the route has been calculated, you can view alternate routes by clicking on the available options situated below the suggested route. These options represent various routes with different travel times and distances.

On a smartphone, swipe left or right across the lower part of the screen to reveal all possible alternate routes.

On a computer, click on any of the gray lines displayed beside the blue suggested route. By doing so, you can see detailed information about each alternative path in terms of distance and estimated travel time.

Step 4: Choose Your Preferred Route

After reviewing alternative routes on Google Maps, you can decide which one suits your needs best based on factors such as traffic conditions or scenic preferences. Click on your desired route to make it your primary path.

Step 5: Begin Navigation

Once you’ve chosen an alternate route, simply start following the generated turn-by-turn directions or voice guidance provided by Google Maps. It will continue to update as you progress along until you reach your final destination.


In conclusion, Google Maps offers a handy feature that allows users to explore alternative routes easily. This can be useful in various scenarios, such as avoiding heavy traffic, closed roads, or finding a more scenic route. With this knowledge and the confidence to navigate alternate paths, you can ensure a smoother travel experience on your next journey.

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