Does My Child Need Preschool? The Answer is Yes

So your little one has officially leaped from toddlerhood to childhood. The transition between the two may not seem drastic, but there are some important decisions to be made once they reach this age. Of all the decisions you will have to make now, perhaps the most important decision is if and when you decide to enroll your child in preschool.

There are conflicting views between parents on whether or not it is necessary to send your little ones to preschool, but let me show you four reasons why you absolutely should.

Preschool Aids in Kindergarten Readiness

Whether it looks like it or not, preschools teach their students how to follow a structured routine. This is essential for when your little one graduates up to kindergarten because grade school has structured school days. Children thrive on a routine, and by enrolling them in a preschool, you are giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the concept of a routine.

Aside from learning structured routines, there are several concepts your child is expected to know before entering kindergarten including early math and literacy skills. Most preschool’s you will come across have some sort of early literacy and pre-math skills curriculum they follow whether they use the learn through play approach or a more structured option.

Practicing these skills can and should certainly be implemented at home, however by allowing your child to learn these skills in a real classroom setting with education professionals, it is ensured that they are 100% ready to take on kindergarten.

Preschool Encourages Socialization With Others

An extremely important, but often underestimated, life skill is that of socialization with others. From infancy on, parents are encouraged to socialize their babies and children with other children and adults outside of the family.

Exposing your children to their peers early on will help them develop kindness, sharing tendencies, and has shown to decrease the chance of anxiety issues later on in life. Most preschools place an importance on being kind to others and learning how to work together and cooperate.

Unless you’ve regularly taken your little one out to playdates or other day programs, they won’t have been around many others around their age (besides family). Enrolling them in preschool will help them form the necessary bonds with their teacher and classmates that will help them develop into social butterflies.

Preschool Aids in Emotional Development

There’s a reason why people use the terms “terrible twos” and “threenager.” During toddlerhood, your little ones are still learning what different emotions are and how to express their different feelings healthily.

Early Childhood Education professionals are equipped to deal with emotional episodes from children, so that makes preschool the perfect place for little ones to work through the many emotions they experience.

It’s important for children to learn how to work through these emotions because, without a way to channel their feelings healthily, little ones might act out and misbehave. For someone to be a decent and functional member of society, controlling extreme emotions is vital. Learning how to control outbursts should also be taught at home, but a preschool with an education professional is the best place for children to develop emotionally.

Preschool Teaches Independence

To raise a self-reliant and independent child, it is important to encourage them to think and make decisions themselves. Encouraging independence early on will ensure that your child acquires superior decision-making skills.

While enrolled in preschool, your child will be faced with decision-making throughout their day there. Whether it be which toy to play with at free time or what story to choose when it’s their turn to pick for storytime, they will be faced with several opportunities to make their own decisions.

So, Why Choose Preschool Over No School?

There are so many benefits to sending your little one to school that the arguments against it hold no chance. Some may think that you can teach your child exactly what a preschool does, at home for free. This may be true, but every parent is different. One may have good intentions but fall short on several of the concepts and skills a child is recommended to have before starting school.

Sending your little one to preschool will not only make it easier for you as a parent, but it will give them a chance to do things for themselves.

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