Does Your Leadership Style Scare Your Employees?

There is no one perfect style of leadership and how someone leads their team can differ from person to person.

Most employees would rather work for a leader who is assertive and demanding rather than one who is timid and passive. However, there is a fine line between being assertive and being intimidating. Employees may feel scared or uncomfortable if their leader is too pushy or aggressive. A leader who is assertive but not aggressive is generally more effective.

There are a few reasons why a leadership style may be intimidating. For one, if the leader is forceful and demanding, it may make it difficult for employees to follow their orders. Additionally, if the leader doesn’t take the time to listen to their employees, they may feel like they don’t have a voice or aren’t respected.

If you’re a leader and your style intimidate your employees, try to change it by being more understanding and open to feedback and ensure your orders are clear and concise. Additionally, show your employees that you value their input and feedback.

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