Donald Trump’s Disastrous Education Record

During his time as President of the United States, Donald Trump’s education policies were highly controversial and detrimental to the education system. Although he promised to improve the nation’s education system through various policies, his actions and decisions as President only set the education system back.

One of Trump’s most controversial decisions as President was his nomination of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. Critics argued that DeVos was not qualified for the position and lacked experience in public education. She was also heavily criticized for being a strong advocate of charter schools and vouchers, policies that are not supported by most education experts.

DeVos’s appointment resulted in significant damage to the education system. She reversed many of the Obama-era policies that focused on providing equal educational opportunities to all students, including students with disabilities and students from low-income families. DeVos also proposed cuts to the education budget, which would have resulted in fewer resources for schools and teachers.

Trump’s policies also failed to address the issue of student debt. Despite promises to reduce student debt, Trump’s administration took very few steps to achieve this goal. In fact, the administration made it more difficult for students to access federal student aid by suspending or rolling back many of the initiatives put in place by the previous administration.

Trump’s administration also failed to address the issue of gun violence in schools. Despite the numerous school shootings that occurred during his Presidency, Trump’s administration did not take any significant steps to prevent such incidents from occurring. Instead, he proposed arming teachers, a policy that was widely opposed by the education community.

Overall, Trump’s education policies were disastrous for the education system. By rolling back important policies, cutting education budgets, and appointing an unqualified Secretary of Education, he contributed to the decline of the education system. His failure to address critical issues such as student debt and gun violence in schools only added to the problems faced by students and their families.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s education record will go down in history as a complete failure. The education system needs leaders who are committed to improving it, not tearing it down. It is important for the Biden administration to address the issues caused by Trump’s policies and work towards creating a better education system for every student in the United States. 

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