Drama Activities for Middle School

Middle School students have many opportunities to enjoy drama activities during school days and extracurricular events. Here are some great ideas for spicing up the drama program at your school.

  1. Story, Story, Die!
    This theater game is best for a group of students. First, the pointer must pick someone to start the story and randomly switch between people. Then, students must tell a cohesive story, picking up where the last person left off without messing up the story or hesitating.

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  1. Silent Scream
    Silent Scream is a fun game where students utilize drama techniques to express emotion without making a sound. The purpose of this activity is to help students tap into creative expressions without relying on words or sounds.

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  1. Fake News!
    The Drama Teacher will provide magazines or pictures of characters that students will use for storytelling. Students will select an image and create a backstory about these characters to present them to the class.

More Information: Fake News References

  1. Self-Check
    This drama class warm-up activity allows students to build a connection with their bodies. Students can remain in their seats or lie on the floor to complete this activity. The goal is to allow students to analyze their bodies and check for discomfort before beginning activities requiring movement.

More Information: Teachers Pay Teachers

  1. Stage Director Says
    This class warmup follows the traditional “Simon Says” rules but with a twist. Students can only do what the caller says after they say “Stage Director Says …” If they do not put “Stage Director Says” in front of the instruction, they are eliminated.

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