Easy Kids Hairstyles for Girls

We have found the top girls’ hairstyles online. Not only are these hair ideas cute, but they are doable. Easy tutorials of styles of all kinds: braids, ponytails, long hair, short hair, long hair, twists, and more.

Somedays, you need a fast style for your kids. And we like the kid hair ideas that are indestructible because we have all created something cool only to see it loosen and fall apart in minutes.

From braids that stay put the first time to interesting ways to upscale a ponytail, we’ve got you covered! Check out Fabulive for more ideas.

  1. The Braided Bun

This 5-minute addition to a ponytail is a great way to upscale a simple look into a fun bun.

Start with a ponytail leaving a section of hair out along the top and side. Start a french braid at the beginning of the hairline on the top of the head.

  1. Upside Down Ponytails

Make ponytails, separate the middle, and pull the tail up from the middle over the band for an upside-down look.

  1. Cinderella Bun

Your daughter can achieve  Princess hair status with this cool idea:

Start with a high ponytail and a sock bun on top of the ponytail. Then wrap the hair through the sock bun and pin it with bobby pins.

  1. Mouse Ear Top Knots

This works well, even with a shorter style. Bunch hair into little “buns” on both sides of your kid’s head.

  1. Loose Dutch Braid

Create the loose dutch braid, make it tight and add flowers. Your daughter will love it!

  1. The Bow Bun

This simple girl’s hairstyle is one of the cutest and easiest. It is a favorite among kids and adults who need assistance!

  1. Fishtail Braid Pinback Hairstyle

Just create a mini braid and pin that section up from your child’s face for a hassle-free look. This might be the easiest idea we have listed.

Getting kids’ hair out of their faces can easily be accomplished with these adorable kid’s hairstyles that are centered around a ponytail…or two!

  1. Dutch Accent Ponytail

The best mix of braids and ponytails.

All the fun of a braid with fewer flyaways and the ease of a pony.

  1. V-Wrapped Ponytail

This hair trick for girls will dress up any ponytail in seconds.

I love how slick it looks; it would look lovely on a woman and a girl.

  1. Bubble Ponytail

This is a good idea for getting hair out of your daughter’s face for sports or because it is adorable.

Follow these steps to make the bubble ponytail effect.

  1. Sectioned Ponytails for a Braided Look

Looking for something faster than a braid but with all of a braid’s “do it once and leave” qualities?

Try a sectioned ponytail.

  1. Mohawk Fishtail Pony

This is a bit more time-consuming, but great if your kids have many flyaways.

  1. Looped Back Ponytail

This easy hairstyle that works well for girls is a simple ponytail on each side at a crown level that is looped back on itself and anchored with the same hair tie.

  1. Braided Single Pony Loop Back with Accessories

I love this loop-back ponytail style shown with a single ponytail of braids and emphasized with colorful hair accessories. Don’t forget the sunglasses!

  1. Front Braid Ponytail

These ponytails pull the ha from the face with an easy double french braid in the front, utilizing just the hair parted at the ears on each side of the head. Add a cool ponytail holder like this pink flower!

Sometimes you need a hairdo that is quick but awesome. You have had those hair days! My favorite thing to make when I want to have a cute hairstyle is to select a favorite hair accessory.

  1. Headband

A wide band fabric headband is the quickest thing to add to any hairstyle you might have in place…or to hide an area that didn’t turn out as expected! You can wear them like a headband on the hair in the back or around your head over the hair too.

  1. Cool Accessories

And if you need to be even more awesome, a unicorn headband is your best bet.


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