Eduplanet21 Announces Version 5.0 of its Curriculum Management Platform

The updates will provide a macro design feature and customizable professional learning institutes.

(Mechanicsburg, Penn.) Jan. 18, 2020 —Eduplanet21 a leading provider of integrated curriculum design and management tools, announces version 5.0 of its integrated platform. New features include a macro curriculum “blueprint” for establishing coherence and alignments for long-term schoolwide learning goals. In addition, there is a new platform module, Institute Builder, that provides ways for districts to customize their own content and personalize professional learning institutes.

Eduplanet21’s new macro design feature, based on the Understanding by Design® framework, will provide the option for schools and districts to create and view their overarching understandings and essential questions that spiral across grades; create and view recurring cornerstone performance assessments with rubrics; and align reports that inform adjustments needed to enhance student achievement.

“Teaching and learning are most impactful when everyone knows and understands the long-term goals for students, and has adequate tools and resources to create curriculum and delivery methods to achieve those goals,” said Jeff Colosimo, CEO of Eduplanet21.

With the new macro curriculum feature, districts will be able to answer questions such as:

  • Where are we teaching and assessing our students on the attributes/capacities/vision of graduate roles?
  • Are we intentionally designing common assessments for all priority standards?
  • Do we have vertical alignment of our curriculum in all grades and subjects?

Eduplanet21 is also adding a new module, Institute Builder, that amplifies the effect of their Learning Paths by including the option to add discussions, resource libraries, and increased collaboration and communication.

Eduplanet21 is also introducing new pre-developed PLUS Institutes, that offer sought-after topics from influential authors such as Jay McTighe’s Understanding by Design, Costa and Kallicks’ Habits of Mind, Allison Zmuda’s Personalized Learning, and more. Each Plus Institute offers a collection of pre-developed customizable content from world-renowned authors in education.

New features include:

  • Option to join a global community of learners;
  • Site-wide discussions limited to only your school or district;
  • Live chat; and
  • Application of new knowledge immediately into Unit Planner.

“The company also has unique, impactful features designed specifically for The Understanding by Design Framework (UbD), which focuses on teaching and assessing for understanding to enable students to transfer their learning to new situations. The addition of these new features to the Eduplanet21 software will open exciting and meaningful opportunities for curriculum planning as well as teaching and learning,” said Jay McTighe, UbD co-author with Grant Wiggins. “We have always believed that effective use of technology is critical to curriculum planning, which is why I have partnered with Eduplanet21.”

Eduplanet21 partners with schools and districts of all sizes to support effective curriculum design and management, and is the only licensed educational technology provider of the Understanding by Design 2.0 Framework, developed by world-renowned educators and authors Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins.

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