Effective Education Leaders are Humble

In this world, people seem so intent on letting everyone know how great they are. Everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame, and they don’t care who they have to hurt to get it. As far as education leaders go, being humble is the only way to go. You may be highly capable and educated, but don’t brag about it and just let your work speak for itself. Nothing is more frustrating than a person that insists on always singing their own praises. It makes them come across as self-absorbed and as if they are only out for themselves.

A little humility goes a long way

Being arrogant or self-absorbed as an education leader can have negative consequences. It can blind you from what is really important and lead to you making decisions that are best for you and not what’s best for the entire team. Remember, educators should make decisions based on how they will affect students, not adults.

 If you didn’t get into education to help students maximize their potential, then you are in the wrong profession. If you want to get all of the attention, you should have become a boxer, author, or some other profession, where being a team player is not necessary.

Unfortunately, many education leaders have not gotten the memo. They seem more concerned with making themselves look good than actually being leaders. Trust me, being arrogant will not get you far in the field of education. People will grow tired of your oversized ego, and will absolutely abhor being around you. You probably won’t even notice it, because your attention is on yourself twenty-four hours a day.

Concluding thoughts

Do yourself a favor, and be humble and realize that being an education leader is a blessing, not an opportunity to make yourself the new social media star or fatten your wallets. Being an educator is all about serving humanity and helping the next generation of students reach their potential.

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