Effective Education Leaders are Sensible

Most people will accept your decisions, as long as they are fair. However, if they believe that your decisions, such as promotions or task assignments, are biased, then they will resent your leadership and possibly file a complaint with your higherups or Human Resources. That is why effective education leaders are fair, sensible, and have sound judgment when making decisions.

Becoming more sensible

How can you accomplish this? When making any type of decision, take a step back and think about what course of action you are leaning towards. What is your motivation for making that choice? Is it because it is what is best for the organization? Is it a decision that will create a win-win for everyone involved? Or is it based on personal feelings (positive or negative) that you have about a person, group, school, department?

If it is the latter, you need to check your ego at the door and realize that you are displaying poor leadership character. Instead of serving others, you are serving yourself and your ego. Great leaders make the right decision, even if it means promoting or elevating someone who is one of their rivals. What matters most is that this person gives the leadership team the best chance at winning. So do yourself a favor and be sensible in your decision making. Over time, you will see a difference it makes.

A little homework

In the coming weeks, even if you consider yourself to be a sensible person, work on the skill nonetheless. What do you start to notice about your interactions with other people? Are they starting to treat you differently, but in a good way? This is more than likely because they are starting to see another side of you, one that makes them reassess their original perception of your leadership.

Now that your level of sensibility is starting to increase, you give your peers and employees the impression that you will make sound, fair decisions in every situation, which makes them trust you even more. Now your relationships have been strengthened, all because you became a little more sensible.

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