Effective Education Leaders Build Relationships

“Its all about who you know.” Smart leaders know that there is much truth to that saying. Education leaders understand the value of building rapport with people in their field and make a point to pursue partnerships whenever they can. As we observe in children, the ability to build relationships is not a hard skill to master.

Relationships matter

All it takes is the ability to form a mutual bond and rapport with another person. A successful relationship has been established on truth, honesty, and a genuine desire to give selfishly to the development of the friendship. From there on out, the rest takes care of itself. Sure, at times, your friendships will be tested, but if they have the right foundation, things will always work out.

Establishing a network of key people is critical for your long-term success as an education leader, and in your personal life. When you first start out as an assistant principal, literacy coach, etc. your circle may be relatively small, but that will change fairly quickly.

Since you have likely come up through the teaching ranks of your district, there are new education leaders that you know that have done the same or are on the precipice of doing the same. Maybe you taught together years ago or met at a district-wide professional development session. Right off of the bat, you have relationships that you can cultivate.

Making lifelong connections

Also, as a leader, you will attend meetings all over your district, at state and national conferences, and also in your city or county. You will meet leaders from various industries and professions, and in the process, build professional and personal relationships that may last a lifetime.

So when your school needs donations for the renovation of its football field, you can call up the business leaders that you know and ask for help. They all have charitable giving departments that give away financial and in-kind donations to deserving causes. If we want to be successful in our field, take my advice, and focus on relationships.

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