Effective Education Leaders Have a Sense of Humor

Many education leaders are perfectionists, which tends to make them critical of themselves and the people around them. They believe that an educational environment should be professional and formal at all times. Also, they want the school day to be predictable and for things to happen exactly as they planned it.

It’s ok to laugh

However, let’s face it, what can go wrong, usually will go wrong. That is life! It would be best if you had a healthy sense of humor about life and not take yourself too seriously (which can be difficult when you want others to take you seriously). Educators and students alike don’t want a be led by a person that is all work no play. If you have ever dealt with a strict, no-nonsense boss, then you know that they can be extremely hard to work with.

Education leaders who take themselves too seriously risk isolating people and driving educators to quit. Also, students who attend schools that are strict are often bored and disengaged from their studies. It’s ok for the science class down the hall to be a bit noisy, and just because you hear lots of laughter and giggles, it doesn’t mean that things are out of control. It just means that the kids are having fun while learning. There is nothing wrong with that.

Find humor in life’s imperfections

Effective education leaders can laugh at themselves and understand that they are only human and can make mistakes like everyone else. It’s ok to be a perfectionist, but when things go wrong, it’s ok to find it humorous. Even if you can’t bring yourself to find the humor in everyday life, don’t be the one to rain on everyone else’s parade by creating an environment that frowns upon laughter.

On the other side of the coin, you also have to make sure that humor is utilized inappropriately. You should never tell jokes or find things humorous that degrades, embarrasses, exploits, or bullies another individual or group. This rule should be enacted and understood by everyone in the school environment. Make sure that you enforce it at all times.

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