Effective Education Leaders Stay Student-Centered

As an educator, you will be faced with many tough decisions. Sometimes it will feel like you are sailing in the dark, with no way of knowing how to get to shore safely. However, if you never want to feel this way again, all you must do is stay student-centered. If you use students as a compass to help you lead, you can never go wrong.

How can I accomplish this?

You accomplish this by factoring in how your decision will affect students. Recognize that many of the adults around you want you to keep their best interests at heart, but remember, it is not about them. They were hired to help students grow academically, psychologically, and behaviorally, so ultimately their job is to serve, not be served. Always do right by your students, even if it means making the tough calls. Always do what’s best for the kids.

Being student-centered does not mean that you cater to them; it means you do what it takes to help them turn into good citizens. This might mean suspending the football team for an entire year because of a hazing incident. Or asking teachers to buy into a new curriculum that adds a little more work to their plate, but has the potential to dramatically increase academic achievement.

Concluding thoughts

Now while being student-centered, don’t be anti-teacher. Remember, for students to grow up to become responsible adults and citizens, they will need a lot of great teachers to help them along the way. It’s ok to factor teachers into your decision making because they are the engines that keep the education train moving down the track. When it comes to making decisions that are student-centered, they will be some of your staunchest supporters. However, if you make decisions that negate their value and well being, you might have a mutiny on your hands.

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