Egypt’s Higher Education Minister pledges deeper cooperation with BRICS at Kazan Summit – Dailynewsegypt

Egypt’s Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, has reiterated the country’s commitment to strengthening ties with the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) in the field of higher education. The minister made the pledge during the 12th BRICS Summit, held in Kazan, Russia, from September 8-9.

The summit brought together education ministers from the BRICS member states to discuss ways to enhance cooperation in higher education, scientific research, and innovation. Abdel Ghaffar’s participation in the summit marked Egypt’s first engagement with the BRICS grouping in the education sector, highlighting the country’s growing interest in collaborating with emerging economies.

During the summit, Abdel Ghaffar emphasized Egypt’s desire to deepen its cooperation with BRICS countries in areas such as student exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and capacity-building projects. He also expressed Egypt’s willingness to learn from the experiences of BRICS nations in developing their higher education systems and promoting innovation.

The minister’s pledge is seen as a significant step towards strengthening Egypt’s ties with the BRICS bloc, which represents over 40% of the world’s population and 25% of global GDP. By engaging with BRICS countries, Egypt aims to tap into their expertise and resources to improve its own higher education system, which is critical to driving economic growth and development.

The Kazan Summit also provided an opportunity for Egypt to explore potential areas of collaboration with BRICS countries, including joint research projects in fields such as renewable energy, biotechnology, and information technology. Additionally, the summit discussed ways to promote mobility and exchange programs for students and faculty members between BRICS countries and Egypt.

Egypt’s participation in the BRICS Summit is a testament to the country’s commitment to international cooperation and its desire to engage with emerging economies to drive growth and development. As the country continues to implement its Vision 2030 development strategy, deepening ties with BRICS nations is expected to play a critical role in achieving its goals.

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