Elementary School Apps, Tools, and Resources That We Love

Are you looking for elementary school apps, tools, and resources that you can use with your students? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Click N SPELL– This app teaches prekindergarten to fifth graders to learn and spell the 800 most common words in the English language. It is also useful for teaching children who have learning difficulties as well as second language learners. Memorizing these words is important to learning English language skills because the 800 most commonly used words are used 13 times more frequently than the next 800. Hence, learning these words helps students communicate in some form.

Pili Pop English– Pili Pop English is geared toward children five to ten years old. It allows them to practice English verbally, learn new skills, learn new words, and learn pronunciation. Whether used for the native English speaker or bilingual child, Pili Pop will lead your child toward language fluency. You can begin with a free trial and then choose to pay monthly for full and continued access. Pili Pop is also available for Spanish language learners.

Kids Numbers and Math– Kids Numbers and Math helps preschoolers and elementary school kids learn to identify numbers and carry out basic arithmetic. It is designed with little mathematicians in mind with its large numbers and a bright color palette, orchards, balloons, and old-fashioned blackboard to keep your child engaged.

4 Dice– 4 Dice Fraction Games is a math game designed to teach fractions to middle and upper elementary school students. The app teaches by first giving the answer and then working backward to teach students the methods in a fun and interactive way. Teachers receive instant email feedback about their students’ progress.

Chicken Coop Fractions Game Children learn to convert fractions to decimals through the questions thrown at you in this game. The nest moves to the position you predict; then, the math genius hens fire their eggs toward the correct answer. If your answer is close enough to the correct answer, the egg is caught in the nest. Enhance your child’s fraction estimation abilities by taking advantage of this educational game.

Fractions. Smart Pirates– This app is a great way for students to work with fractions if they have had problems learning fractions. The app teaches fractions in easy to understand and fun ways by offering topics such as recognition of fractions, equivalent fractions, and comparison. This is an app for parents and teachers who want to help students learn fractions as quickly as possible.

Sums Stacker – Sums Stacker provides lots of addition and subtraction practice within a mathematical game setting using different number representations. Younger students can use fingers or dice as number representations because they are easily countable. More advanced students can choose between 25 other number representations, including Braille, U.S. coins, and fractions. To play, numbers are piled into three stacks with each stack having a target number. Students move numbers from stack to stack until each stack equals the associated target number. Sums Stacker comes with three modes (solve, infinity, and race) and two difficulty levels (easy and hard).

Math Leaper– Math Leaper, is designed to help preschool through grade eight students master mathematics. With power-ups, candies, achievements, and levels, Math Leaper makes learning a fun game. There are over 200 ways that Math Leaper tests students’ problem-solving abilities, and, while having fun, students may not even notice that they are learning so much.

Preschool Puzzle Math– Preschool Puzzle Math is a puzzle-solving game that teaches children math. It allows them to practice counting, simple addition, and subtraction. Preschool Puzzle Math helps your child develop the fundamental math skills that will help them going forward with mathematics. Your child learns to count, add, and find their way around tasking puzzle games with free-flowing gameplay. Suitable for ages three to seven.

Park Math– Learn to count, add, subtract, sort, and do more things with numbers while you play at the park with Blue Bear and his friends. Park Math introduces your child to basic math concepts. It is designed for children in kindergarten and preschool grades, between the ages of one and six. Take part in seven fun activities engineered to solidify their knowledge base. The game has two levels: Level 1 for counting to 20, and addition/subtraction with numbers up to five. Level 2 lets you count to 50 and add and subtract with numbers up to 10.

1000 Sight Words Superhero– Children learn to read and spell the 1000 most commonly repeated words. The app groups these sight words into 50 sets containing 20 words each to avoid flooding the child with 1000 words at once. To avoid unintended repetition, the user can highlight words previously learned and focus on new words or a set of words.

First Sight Words Professional– The First Sight Words Professional is designed to help your child attain reading fluency. This app has more than 300 of the most common words in the English language; it focuses on the essential vocabulary your children will need throughout their lives. It also includes a list of about 100 common nouns as well as five levels of vocabulary to take your child from pre-kindergarten to third grade.

Reading Fluency Builder– This app goes straight to the point and tackles your child’s reading fluency and speed by pushing them to obtain grade-level reading expectations. Reading Fluency builder has been proven to help even the most hesitant learners. This app is designed to create a fun, game-like environment that uses modeled and repeated reading to increase fluency. This app has been tested for use by children with special needs and adults with aphasia; it can also be used by people learning English as a second language.

Whooo’s Reading – The goal of Whooo’s Reading is accelerated reading comprehension and improved writing skills. By using open-ended questions instead of the standard true/false and multiple-choice style, students are required to think independently about texts. The Whooo’s Reading program automatically reminds students to improve their writing by asking them to cite evidence or answer all the parts of a question. Teachers can monitor student’s reading with automatic quiz results, graded by the Whooo’s Reading app, available in the teacher dashboard. To increase student motivation, students earn Wisdom Coins for reading and writing. These can be spent on accessories and items for their Owlvatars (owl avatars).

BiblioNasium– A website exclusively for children between the ages of 6 and 13. It aims to promote the reading habit among children. Equipped with peer and parental controls, it presents an effective and stimulating program for the user. Using this app, you can adapt reading to fit the child’s needs, monitor his/her reading log, and help the child explore a variety of reading genres. Reading data is saved online and is always accessible.

Curriculet-  This reading platform aims at overhauling and changing the way children study and the way teachers teach. Programmed questions and instructions pop up while a child is reading a text from the class. Using this tool, teachers can personalize the reading experience for their students; it also helps them to create and share the contents of their study digitally.

Kids A-Z– Children can select from a library of eQuizzes, eBooks, and hundreds of developmentally appropriate eResources by using the Kids A-Z mobile app. Students can complete corresponding quizzes to improve their comprehension skills and use interactive annotation tools that aid in the development of close reading skills. Kids A-Z mobile app is a must-have for kids that have access to Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, Headsprout, or Raz-plus.

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