Empowering Students to Respond to #DeviousLicks


The social media trend known as #DeviousLicks has infiltrated schools, prompting students to engage in acts of vandalism and theft. While some view this phenomenon as a harmless prank, the resulting damages can have severe consequences for students, schools, and communities. Empowering students to counteract this trend is crucial for maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.

1. Generating Awareness

First and foremost, students need to be educated about the potential consequences of participating in #DeviousLicks. Teachers, administrators, and parents can develop informative presentations about the legal repercussions of vandalism and theft. Besides targeting potential participants, such information should also reach their peers who may influence these individuals or report any suspicious activity.

2. Open Communication

Creating an open communication environment in school is essential for countering the #DeviousLicks trend. Students should feel comfortable discussing issues related to peer pressure and social media challenges with their teachers and classmates. Incorporating conversations about responsible social media use into classroom discussions can help normalize appropriate behavior online.

3. Establishing a Supportive School Community

Fostering a sense of belonging and community among students will ensure that they feel supported by their peers rather than compelled to impress them through destructive pranks. Encourage student organizations to develop campaigns or programs that promote positive values, like respect for school property and empathy towards staff members who must deal with the aftermath of vandalism.

4. Encouraging Positive Role Models

Highlighting positive role models within the student body can influence others to act responsibly. Recognize outstanding students for their achievements in academics, athletics, or citizenship, reinforcing that positive behaviors lead to success and admiration from their peers.

5. Channeling Creativity Constructively

Adolescents are often drawn to exciting challenges or stunts that test their boundaries. Providing them with safe outlets to express their creativity is crucial for minimizing destructive impulses. Organize school-wide events such as talent shows, art contests, or group projects to give students opportunities to showcase their skills and passions in a positive manner.

6. Promoting Accountability

To truly empower students to stand up against #DeviousLicks, they should be aware of the consequences for participating in these acts. Schools must enforce clear and consistent policies regarding vandalism and theft and emphasize that all students have a responsibility to maintain a respectful learning environment.


The #DeviousLicks trend poses a genuine challenge for schools, educators, and students. Empowering students to counteract this phenomenon involves fostering a sense of community, promoting open communication, and providing creative outlets for self-expression. By actively engaging with these challenges, schools can help build environments where destructive impulses are replaced with positive behaviors that encourage learning, respect, and growth.

Ultimately, peer influence will play the most significant role in discouraging participation in trends like #DeviousLicks. When students collectively promote respect for school property and support one another in making responsible choices, destructive forces like the #DeviousLicks trend can be dismantled from within.

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