Encourage Peer Editing By Teaching Students Sticky Dot Editing

Sticky dot editing is an activity to assist in the editing of papers. This approach provides a structure that enables feedback and correction within a process that allows learners to obtain all of the benefits of peer editing. Peer editing is a difficult task, but with practice, learners will become more adept at accepting the positives of their writing and the corrective feedback. Peer editing is good for discovering other perspectives.

To use this approach, you will need adhesive dots in 2 different colors. If you can find recyclable ones, that is useful but not necessary.


1.  provide each learner with 2 sticky dots of the two different colors, for a total of 4 dots: 2 positive comments and 2 corrective feedback comments

2.  assign each color a meaning: for instance, color 1

means, “I liked this part,” “Well done,” “This part was clear,” and color 2 means, “consider changing this,” or “confusing,” or “might you write this differently.”

3.  direct the learners to partner with another learner

4.  explain to learners that all 4 dots are to be utilized

5.  when the reading/editing is done, have the learners talk with their partner about how they thought they did

6.  The primary authors of the paper can then determine if they want to make the changes that have been suggested.

7.  determine if a conference needs to take place between learners to discuss the sticky dot editing

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