Encouraging Student Involvement in Assessment

Check out our list of tips for encouraging student involvement in assessment.

Instruct learners how to read their assessment results. Next, show learners how to make graphs of their scores. This will help learners learn on two levels—personal and instructional.

Evaluate assessment data that will show learners where they are and should be. Carry a healthy dialogue about why they are learning the curriculum that is being assessed. The day-to-day forms of assessment are to promote improvement as well as affirm what learners have already mastered.

Give countless opportunities for learners to collect data. Instruct them how to gather, analyze, and present their findings. Action research is a potent way to empower students to draw conclusions about their own learning processes based on their own research.

Make learners keep their grades from projects, tests, and quizzes in a notebook or computer so they will know their grades. Learners should learn to keep track of their own academic performance and progress.

Seek learner feedback by asking them how they view themselves as learners and test takers. Urge them to give truthful answers so you can work together to improve their learning techniques.

Give the learners opportunities to submit drafts for revisions. If they understand your recommendations are for revisions, they will welcome your comments and realize that revising is part of the writing process.

Present opportunities for learners to share their performance talents in the class. This will give learners who are talented in areas other than academics the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Analyze with your class before a test by devising a review game, creating skits, or creating other activities to help students learn concepts.

Allocate your learners to have opportunities to present their data to fellow learners, school faculty, the city council, or citizens groups. This experience provides learners with multiple learning opportunities, such as public speaking, which will benefit them in future years.

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