Endangered Species Knowledge Quiz: Test What You Know

Are you an animal lover? Do you think you have a solid understanding of endangered species around the world? Put your knowledge to the test with our Endangered Species Knowledge Quiz! This quiz will not only challenge your understanding of various endangered species but also help raise awareness about the importance of conservation efforts.


There’s no denying that our planet is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. However, many species are at risk of becoming extinct due to factors such as habitat loss, climate change, and human activities. By learning more about these endangered species, we can play a significant role in protecting and preserving our planet’s natural resources.

The Quiz:

Now it’s time to see how well you know your endangered species. Answer the following questions to test your knowledge:

1. Which critically endangered primate is native to Indonesia, known for its distinctive reddish fur and large eyes?

a) Gorilla

b) Orangutan

c) Tarsier

d) Lemur

2. What is considered the world’s most trafficked mammal, hunted for both meat and use in traditional medicine?

a) African Elephant

b) Bengal Tiger

c) Pangolin

d) Vaquita

3. Which of these turtles is listed as critically endangered due to bycatch, climate change, and poaching?

a) Green Sea Turtle

b) Loggerhead Sea Turtle

c) Hawksbill Sea Turtle

d) Leatherback Sea Turtle

4. The Amur leopard can primarily be found in which two countries?

a) India and Nepal

b) Russia and China

c) Brazil and Argentina

d) Australia and New Zealand

5. Due to habitat destruction and fragmentation, which iconic Australian marsupial was declared functionally extinct in 2019?

a) Koala

b) Tasmanian Devil

c) Quokka

d) Kangaroo

Results and Scoring:

Tally up your correct answers to determine your Endangered Species Knowledge Quiz score:

– 0-1 correct answers: Novice Conservationist – Keep learning and raising awareness!

– 2-3 correct answers: Wildlife Enthusiast – You’re on the right track, keep expanding your knowledge!

– 4-5 correct answers: Endangered Species Expert – Congratulations! Share your passion for conservation with others.


Regardless of your score, it’s essential to keep building your understanding of endangered species and their habitats. By spreading knowledge-awareness, you can actively participate in protecting these beautiful creatures and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Remember, every little action counts. So, continue advocating for conservation initiatives, supporting sustainable practices, and educating yourself and others about the importance of preserving our planet’s biodiversity. Together, we can make a difference for endangered species around the world.

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