Engaging & Impactful Diversity Activities for Middle School

It is no secret that schools are facing a diversity challenge. With more students coming from different backgrounds and experiences, educators are struggling to find ways to engage and impact these students in a positive way. One effective way to do this is through diversity activities.

Diversity activities can help educators create a more diverse learning environment and foster a more inclusive school culture. In addition, diversity activities can have a positive impact on the students themselves. By engaging students in these activities, educators can create a learning environment that is supportive and positive for all students.

There are many types of diversity activities that can be used in middle schools.

1. Diversity Among Us Question Cards

Modeled after the popular video game “Among Us,” this diversity activity is sure to keep the attention of middle school students. With 40 question cards to choose from, this diversity activity is a great way for students to discuss various topics related to diversity and empathy.

More Information: Teachers Pay Teachers

2. Diversity TED Talks

In this diversity activity, students are asked to listen to various TED talks, all of which directly relate to the topic of diversity. This activity is a great way to discuss diversity and help students practice their comprehension and critical thinking skills.

More Information: Teachers Pay Teachers

3. Breaking Down Stereotypes

In this social experiment activity, students are exposed to the injustices that take place in modern-day life. Students are asked to discuss injustices that happen daily, in addition to discussing the importance of educating others about the injustices.

More Information: English, Oh My!

4. Teaching Tolerance

In this three-part collection of activities, students have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics, such as bystanders, victims, and oppressors. This activity allows students to develop a better understanding of tolerance and acceptance, in addition to discussing the role of stereotypes.

More Information: English, Oh My!

5. Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

This activity challenges middle school students to focus on developing compassion and empathy. Students are asked to develop an understanding of someone else’s life and take into consideration what they have experienced and the challenges that they have faced. More Information: English, Oh My!

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