Engaging Picture Books About Math

Picture books are a wonderful way to engage children in math. Not only do they provide a fun and entertaining way for children to learn, but they can also help reinforce math concepts. Here are six picture books that are perfect for engaging children in math.

1. 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo

Created with young learners in mind, this book is a wonderful way to practice counting!  Children will enjoy identifying the types of animals they find as they count them. While there are no words to read, this is perfect for students who are just developing number sense.

2. On the Launch Pad: A Counting Book About Rockets

Calling all future astronauts! This picture book uses beautiful paper-cut illustrations to help practice counting and searching for hidden numbers in the space-themed book! Include this fun book in your read alouds to practice counting and counting backward.

3. 100 Bugs: A Counting Book

This charming picture book helps students learn different ways to count to 10 by using different types of bugs to show ten groups. Through cute rhymes, the author helps young learners practice finding bugs to count. This is a terrific book to use as a read aloud and could be used in a variety of ways for number talks as well!

4. Operations and Algebraic Thinking 

Marilyn Burns is a math educator who wrote this book, which incorporates early math skills into a charming storyline. Through her use of humor and storytelling, children can take a dinner party journey through mathematical events! Preschoolers through third graders will enjoy this tale!

5. If You Were a Plus Sign

Trisha Speed Shaskan lets children see the power of the plus sign through this Math Fun series! This easy read would be great to use with numbers talks or as a read aloud to introduce a unit about addition. The charming illustrations help keep children engaged! This book is best for 1st grade-4th grade.

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