Enhance Your Reading Instruction with This Free Wheel of Phonemes Bulletin Board Kit


Incorporating engaging, interactive activities to practice reading is essential for building young learners’ phonemic awareness, particularly when it comes to Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words. CVC words are the foundation of reading, and this free Wheel of Phonemes Bulletin Board Kit offers an innovative and interactive approach to mastering these important words.

What are CVC Words?

CVC words refer to three-letter combinations where the first and last letters are consonants, and the middle letter is a vowel. Some common examples include cat, dog, sit, and hot. Because each sound in a CVC word is pronounced individually, they provide the perfect opportunity for children to practice their early reading skills.

Benefits of Practicing CVC Words

1. Develops Phonemic Awareness: CVC words help young readers recognize and isolate individual sounds within words. This aids in sound blending – a crucial reading skill.

2. Eases Transition to Longer Words: Learning CVC words prepares children for reading more complex words by helping them recognize chunks of sounds within longer words.

3. Enhances Decoding Skills: Regular practice with CVC words strengthens decoding skills, allowing children to read unfamiliar words with greater ease.

4. Builds Confidence: Since CVC words are short and simple, children quickly experience success when they read them aloud, resulting in a boost in confidence levels.

Introducing the Wheel of Phonemes Bulletin Board Kit

To engage your students in practicing CVC word formation, we offer this free Wheel of Phonemes Bulletin Board Kit to help you create an eye-catching and interactive reading activity. The kit includes:

1. 3 Spinning Wheels: Featuring consonants on the outer wheels and vowels on the inner wheel, students will have fun spinning the wheels to create new CVC words.

2. Challenging Word Cards: These cards contain blank spaces for students to fill in the CVC words they form using the wheel. You can also use these cards as prompts for targeted word practice or discussion.

3. Decorative Elements: Make your bulletin board colorful, engaging, and inviting with the provided decorative cutouts, borders, and title text.

4. Instruction Guide: A step-by-step guide that helps you set up your bulletin board for maximum student interaction and learning.

Setting Up Your Wheel of Phonemes Bulletin Board

1. Assemble the Wheels: Follow the provided guide to put together the three spinning wheels.

2. Design the Board: Create an attractive background using the decorative elements from the kit.

3. Display Word Cards: Pin up a selection of challenging word cards on the board for students to practice.

4. Teach Students How to Use the Wheel: Explain how to spin the wheels and form CVC words, as well as how to complete the word cards.


CVC words are an essential aspect of early reading instruction, and this Wheel of Phonemes Bulletin Board Kit offers a fun and engaging way for children to practice them. With its interactive design and challenging activities, it may soon become a favorite learning tool in your classroom! Download your free kit, set it up in your classroom, and watch your students get excited about mastering CVC words.

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